The nation’s top team will fight for Hangzhou next month

Among all the competitions in hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports entering the Asian Games category for the first time will undoubtedly attract great attention.Recently, the reporter learned from the peace elite league official, the league will start next month in the first season of competition, will implement the team regional move.That is to say, there will be a team fighting for Hangzhou in the name of Peace Elite in the Hangzhou Asian Games competition.The player in training is Mi Jiacheng.On January 31, 2021, Mi Jiacheng joined LGD e-sports club with a transfer fee of 11.78 million yuan, becoming the first player in the Peace Elite League with a transfer price of over 10 million yuan.Now his “LGD Peace Elite Team” has officially changed its name to “Hangzhou LGD Peace Elite Team” and will fight for Hangzhou next month.Mi Jiacheng, member of Hangzhou LGD Peace Elite Team: The sense of belonging will definitely be strengthened, because everyone reads “Hangzhou LGD”.For me, whether it is the league or even the chance to join the Hangzhou Asian Games, it is a real home game.At present, Hangzhou LGD Peace elite team is in the first tier of the league, last season was the league third place.The team manager told reporters that the move to implement the regional team is also a sign that e-sports leagues are moving toward a more mature model like ordinary sports leagues.Weng Quan, manager of LGD Peace Elite Team in Hangzhou: For many spectators and athletes, it will deepen their bond with this event.Then, another is that the promotion of this city is not limited to online, which will facilitate many audiences to experience the atmosphere of e-sports on the spot.Who are the members of the national team for e-sports in the official competition of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games?As esports entered the Asian Games competition category for the first time, therefore, the rules of the project, the formation of the national team, there is no clear news.LGD said the only thing they can do now is to prepare for the game, adjust their players’ condition and wait for the call.Judging from the cycle of this year’s major e-sports leagues, the latest around June this year, this popular e-sports national team will deliver more new news.Weng Quan, manager of LGD Peace Elite Team in Hangzhou, said: “Like some events in previous years, it is obvious that all events are concentrated in the first half of this year. It can be seen that the period from June to September is reserved as much as possible for the training of national team players.Hangzhou Tai reporter Che Cheng Shen Kan report Duty editor: Zhang Yuan Responsible editor: Hu Birong Chief editor: Zhao Jing Final Review: Shen Li, CAI Xiao, Tang Yin, Yu Jie, Tao An sweep code to join the audience come on!left

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