Baoji Public Security Bureau Chencang Branch: Be the Gatekeeper of the People

The chencang Branch of The Public Security Bureau of Baoji city is responsible for the inspection of the entrances and exits of highways of Baoji Town, pingtou Highway and railway station of Guo Town.Since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, all the auxiliary police officers of the Sub-bureau have been unafraid of cold and heat, fearless of wind and rain, selfless and active, and acted as the gatekeeper of epidemic prevention for the people with practical actions.Guard the first highway crossing into baoji west.Pingtou exit of Baotian Expressway is the first checkpoint from the highway west to Baoji. Due to its remote location, the epidemic inspection task is mainly undertaken by pingtou sub-bureau, County Gong Forest Police Station, County Gong Forest police station, and Pingtou Forest police station. The county Gong police station and County Gong Forest police station have to drive back and forth 100 kilometers each time they are on duty.The lowest temperature in Pingtou town in winter is minus 10 degrees Celsius. Even in March, the temperature at night is still as low as 3 degrees Celsius.Since the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, the civil auxiliary police have stayed at their posts, standardized law enforcement, civilized duty, actively resolved various conflicts and disputes, maintained the inspection order, and helped non-local drivers.Eight COVID-19 related disputes have been resolved and 11 difficulties have been solved for non-local drivers.Careful and meticulous, guarding the door of the town of Guo.The highway entrance of Guo Town is an important entrance to the east of The town of Guo and even baoji urban area.In particular, since the outbreak of the current round of epidemic in Our city, two-way inspection has been carried out at the inspection point, which undertakes the important task of preventing import and spilt spread. The civilian auxiliary police have high standards and strict requirements to ensure that all vehicles and drivers are strictly controlled without leakage.At the same time, adhere to the standard duty, warm service, won the praise of Chen to return Chen personnel.A total of 3,920 vehicles, 8,779 drivers and passengers were inspected, 109 people were persuaded to return 67 vehicles, 12 disputes were resolved on the spot, and difficulties of drivers and passengers were solved 26 times.Guo Zhen Railway Station is the only passenger railway station in Chencang district, which stops five buses every day.In the early days of the epidemic, the number of people returning to China increased rapidly. The civilian auxiliary police on duty of the Guo Zhen police Station actively cooperated with epidemic prevention personnel to inspect outbound passengers, and timely assisted medical personnel in transporting patients related to the epidemic to medical observation points in a closed loop.The inspection sites were in good order, with no cases of missing or evading detection.Source Baoji City public Security Bureau Chencang branch editor Huang Wei

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