Harden was on fire, scoring 16 points, five rebounds and three assists in a single quarter against the Lakers’ big four

The NBA regular season continues with a highlight game, with the Brooklyn Nets hosting the Los Angeles Lakers.In the first quarter, James Harden showed a strong desire to attack, his condition is hot, single quarter roaring 16 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, a lone man against the Lakers big four, looking a little sad.The Nets are third in the Eastern Conference at 29-17, with only Harden remaining in a big three without Kyrie Irving and an injured Kevin Durant.The Lakers, 23-24 and eighth in the Western Conference, have Anthony Davis back, plus Lebron James, Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, bringing the big four together again.The first quarter was all about the big four fighting harden, or even the entire lakers fighting harden.Almost all of the nets’ points are due to Harden, either directly from him or through his assists, which are absolutely one man carrying the team forward.Harden is very aware of their own responsibility, so also do not think about him, up to the team on the shoulder, offensive desire is extremely strong, he should cherish their presence every minute, for the team to establish an advantage, otherwise, such as his exit, the Nets may be dangerous, after all, single-core team.However, the wish was good, but Harden played the entire first quarter, roaring 16 points, five rebounds and three assists, and still couldn’t stop his team from struggling in a 33-25 loss by eight points.It’s mostly because the lakers are so average, with so many shoots and everybody can score.The lakers were led by lebron James with eight points, three rebounds and three assists, Timberlake with six points and three blocks, Anthony and Monk with five points, and Westbrook with four.The nets are in danger today.

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