Hua Guan, secretary of the county Party Committee, supervised campus security and epidemic prevention and control during the spring semester

For epidemic prevention and control as a whole do a good job in the new semester and education teaching work, ensure safety and school teachers and students work smoothly, on February 14, in the afternoon, the county party committee secretary of the China close to my county middle and primary schools and kindergartens to supervise the spring school campus security and epidemic prevention and control work, the county party committee standing committee, director of the XianWeiBan fu-xing zhang, deputy magistrate Duan Qi accompanied by relevant principals to supervise, etc.China held successively by shixing middle school, shaw primary school, the new kindergarten school, focusing on the classroom, the playground and other places, field understand the number of school to school, campus safety management, teaching school quality, epidemic prevention material support, such as working conditions, and the problems existing in the campus security and epidemic prevention and control and bring forward comments and Suggestions.It is required that Shixing Middle School should speed up the renovation and protection of Dacheng Hall, rationally arrange the layout of functional areas in the school, make good use of the talents introduced by Danxia and overseas elites, and carry out study lectures for senior high school students, so as to ensure that the college entrance examination results of this year can achieve further achievements and glory.Yifu Primary School should do a good job in the planning of campus expansion in the next few years and ensure the safety of playground escalators. It should do a good job in the all-round development of moral education, physical education, intelligence and beauty, so that the children can be the builders and successors of socialism, become useful people to the society and become the pillars of the country.Rixin kindergarten should pay attention to early childhood education, parent-child education and psychological education, set up a scientific view of education, children’s view and development view, and cultivate a team of preschool teachers with higher quality, more love and patience, and stronger professionalism.School spring semester involves a wide range of social attention.Unit of China customs requirements, the relevant departments at all levels should further improve the political stance, the teachers and students life safety and body health in the first place, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission, close cooperation and work together, pays special attention to the campus security, epidemic prevention and control and the start of spring, all work to ensure the healthy and orderly teaching between teachers and students, the campus security.Produced by: Shi Xinggrong Media Center Reporter: Yang Yuhong, Chen Han Typeset: He Rui, Wu Junjun, Supervised by: Liao Xiangrong, Lai Jinyan

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