“Spring Festival I am on duty” Spring Festival “police” along with yulin public security guard lights

Badges reflect wanjiadenghuo loyal guard peace yulin traffic boisterous street mall, night village police blue always guarded the wanjiadenghuo guard peace “not close” window service our 365 days we always “not close” serve the masses on the action scenic spot we always stick to chang road, we will always be with you to the epidemic prevention and control patrol we always don’t slack offControl we always normalized to carry out inspections on the way to the wearer peace fence bring bring in banned fireworks patrol inspection bring bring traffic police for drunk driving check bring bring police inspection on “small” place in the year wishing you New Year – old steps – past in the future we will keep “p” color is still the tiger tiger tiger force fully open with our stand guard lights sources:Yulin Public Security Editor: Bai Qiangqiang

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