I don’t get it. After 10 years of bad teams, you finally develop a core of the future. After 2 years, you give away your stats

In today’s NBA, one good young player can change the process of building a team, and the league’s executives know that when their record is failing, it’s imperative to stop losses and build around more talented young players.This season’s Pacers are a prime example, determined to start rebuilding after a lackluster record.That’s when Thales Halliburton became one of the team’s few bright spots.In 2018, Haliburton joined Iowa College, where he began to make his NCAA debut.He played in 35 NCAA games for the school in 2018-19, averaging 33 minutes per game and Posting a 6.8+3.4+3.5+1.5 output, which is pretty average for a freshman.The following season he made a statistical leap, averaging 15.2+5.8+6.4+2.4.Halliburton was the 12th overall pick in the 2020 draft.On Dec. 24 of that year, he made his team debut against the Nuggets in a game that went down to the final seconds before the Kings clinched the win, with Halliburton scoring 12+2+4 in a 30-minute span.He also posted a 10-11 double-double in 33 minutes against Toronto.Halliburton settled into the NBA rhythm later, going 5+11+6 against the Pelicans and scoring 28 points against the Cavs.He was named to the First-team All-Rookie of the year, averaging 13+3+5.3+1.3 for the season.All indications are that Halliburton is adapting to the NBA faster than the average rookie.On Dec. 21, he posted 24+4+11+3 against golden State, becoming the first Kings player since Fox to have three consecutive double figures in assists.He also had 38+3+7+3 numbers against the 76ers, and he had 17 assists in a win over Oklahoma City, a team high since Rajon Rondo in 2016.It’s also worth noting that such a player’s position with the Kings is very unclear, his time is not fixed, and the team’s use of him with extreme swing is clearly limiting his growth.On Feb. 9, halliburton was sent to the Pacers in a trade to start a new career.As a very talented defender in the offensive end, Halliburton’s ability to move to a new team is even more obvious.He was 23+3+6+3 in his NBA debut against Cleveland on Feb. 12, but had six turnovers and three fouls for a +1 personal rating.On Feb. 14, he put up 22+16+5+1 in 40 minutes against the Timberwolves, but also committed three turnovers.Halliburton is on the offensive end with the ordinary people do not have talent, he can make between personal attack and passing the most appropriate choice, but as a defender, his ability to control field is still need to improve, and in this season the indiana pacers, halliburton needs getting used to the feeling of losing, the sophomore at a career is in a rising is cruel.He also has a weird shooting style that doesn’t affect his rhythm, more than half of his points in positional battles come from catch-and-jump shots, and his defense is above average.This season, the growth of halliburton again for sure, as a second-year rookie, only 17.8% of cases in the ball, in the case of fox take up a lot of shots, three data kept the team first, 7.4 assists, 41.9% from three, plus 1.7 steals, these data for second-year rookie,It’s already in the top tier.Of course, as a player of average talent, halliburton’s most valuable is his ability to pass the ball, while using less than 20 percent, he has an assist rate of 31.8 percent. He is the only player in the league with less than 20 percent of the ball and more than 30 percent of the assist rate. The other is the utility player Lowry.Halliburton also has an excellent assist ratio and a 3.2 turnover ratio that is among the highest in the NBA.The Kings traded Halliburton for all-star center Tamara Sabonis, which was definitely a warm move and deserved to be blasted by their own fans.The king may have taken advantage of sabonis’ ability to fight, and he and Fawkes formed an inner and outer core, hoping for a miracle.But Sabonis Jr. has proven himself to be an awkward, stat brush with the Pacers.The Kings proved once again that the best teams in the league must have a champion’s heart as well as a professional leadership team.Unfortunately, these two Kings have not, like a day for more than a decade outside the playoffs, also really live up to the title of western conference fish.

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