Liu Xuezhou tragedy again?Another kidnapped boy was also attacked because his name did not satisfy netizens

Liu Xuezhou’s tragedy is the result of network violence!A few years ago, South Korean actress Shirley committed suicide due to online violence. Last year, luo Xiaoxiao, an Internet celebrity, committed suicide after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend by drinking pesticide and then having her ashes stolen for a ghost wedding. This time, Liu Xuezhou died at the age of 15 due to online violence.We all know that people are terrible, but many people think that the Internet is a lawless land, after all, on the Internet casually tap the keyboard, say a few words are not responsible.Some people who don’t have any social status in life can casually point out others on the Internet to satisfy their own sense of superiority and even feel comfortable that they are a saint.Think that they have done a good thing, on the difference between people to give him an advanced individual award, five good citizen award.Zhang Yangyang, another boy recently found abducted for 24 years, is of course an adult.However, his experience is similar to that of Liu Xuezhou. It is because his name did not satisfy netizens that he was subjected to online violence. It seems that some netizens are planning to repeat the tragedy.Zhang yangyang, who now goes by the name Shen Haixin, bluntly told the public at his first appearance that he would not bother the police to change his ID card and would not change his name.Onlookers still some do not understand, you said the name is not to change the original name?They wanted shen haixin to change his name to Zhang Yangyang, but Zhang yangyang made it clear that his name would still be Shen Haixin.But just like this, too many people came to attack him, ridicule him, abuse him, say that he is not sensible.Some people even from the appearance and voice, find a reason to attack Zhang Yangyang.Some people think he is not as sensible as Sun Zhuo!But they do not want to think, in addition to sun Zhuo sent a thank you video, the other time are sun Haiyang couple protection is very good.Sun Haiyang blocked some bad news from the outside world, that is to say, it is not Sun Zhuo who is not “required”, but parents as a shield to protect the children, with the wisdom of adults to deal with online public opinion appears calm.But like Liu Xuezhou, and Zhang Yangyang two people are not so lucky!Suffered the worst cyberbullying.Zhang Yangyang was more frightened, quickly forwarded a video about network violence, the protagonist is Liu Xuezhou.What do you think he would have said in a private letter?Many netizens’ idea is very simple and easy to understand. Zhang Yangyang should follow the standard of a saint. They may not be able to do it themselves, but they hope Zhang Yangyang can do it.If Zhang Yangyang can’t do it, he’s a bad son.So I will go to scold you, let you know, you also have to become my love, thank me for your teachings.Of course, there will always be arguments from different perspectives on topics that can attract social attention. In fact, it is a good thing to have arguments, which can expand our thinking and get better solutions.However, if you start spraying without any reasonable reasons, it is not conducive to the solution of the matter, but only to express personal negative emotions, but infect others.Persecute others, so I hope everyone can be as rational and objective as possible when expressing their views.

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