“Made in Nanjing” core helps the most beautiful ski slopes in the Winter Olympics

Composed of red and white, red is not only the color of the bright five-star red flag, but also the cultural symbol of China…The reporter learned that the suits for the members of China’s national freestyle skiing moguls team, developed by an enterprise in Nanjing Jianye High-tech Zone, have been delivered and will be showcased in this Winter Olympic Games.This enterprise is Nanjing Frontier City Sporting Goods Co., LTD., which is mainly engaged in the design, development, organization, production, brand operation and sales of multi-brand outdoor products.The customized “China Red” suit of the 2022 China Moguls Freestyle skiing National Team was developed by the company and made by professional ski wear designers of HALTI brand. It was successfully delivered to the China Moguls Freestyle skiing National Team in October 2021.Jiang Tao, general manager of HALTI Brand Business Division of Frontier City Sports, said that the six-member design team, led by Martti Kellokumpu, the world champion skier from Finland, started the project in March 2020. After completing the preliminary design, the team entered 3D body measurement in March last year to customize the athletes’ competition gowns.Talking about the design concept, Jiang tao introduced that the main body of the robe is designed with a gradual change of red and white, and the gradual change of red dots on the chest is gradually changed to white, just like the scene of snowflakes flying back to the ski trail after “blowing snow” during skiing.The design on both sides of its shoulders is surrounded by four stars, symbolizing the Unity of the Chinese nation and cheering for the Winter Olympics. The Chinese character “China” is xiaozhuan on the back of the shirt.”The main reason for adopting this font is that Xiao Zhuan plays an important role in the development of Chinese writing.All strokes of xiaozhuan are mainly round, round from round, square in round, square in round, so that the round is alive, both full of curiosity, and a symbol of unity and reunion.”Jiang tao explains.The details show great care, ski pants and race wear with designer ingenuity.This season, ski pants will be white, with a red gradient at the knees.White trousers with flashing red knees are a must in “Mogul Skiing”.This color combination helps the skier give the impression of clean cornering technique and prevents judges from seeing if minor mistakes have been made.This season’s suit has also improved the traditional body design of double board ski suit. The version is slightly lengthened to show the upright posture, and the yellow line design of the whole body highlights the sporty appearance, which is in line with the aesthetic preference of the current young people.Chinese-style design, fashion sense, and the technological elements of the suit are also fully supported.Jiang Tao revealed that the clothing design shell is made of top waterproof and moisture permeable materials of domestic brands, with lightness and elasticity. The whole design seam is fitted with professional technical seals to achieve wind proof and warmth sealing.Sealed and waterproof zippers are used in the front, middle and bag mouth. The cuffs are designed with double-layer warm and windproof cuffs and breathable zippers in the armpit. The overall material of the shell layer is windproof and snow proof and warm, and can play the role of local heat dissipation and moisture discharge.At the same time, the inner layer of the suit is filled with new Shirley thermal insulation cotton, which is warm and anti-moisture. Through the structural division of the inner layer, the body structure is separated from the air permeability (perspiration) during the exercise.”Based on years of racing experience, the designer has fully considered that participants on the track, the intensity of action changes greatly, and the outdoor stay time is about 5-30 minutes, so the warmth of equipment must be within this time range.”Jiang Tao.Meet the Winter Olympics, feel the charm of ice and snow.It is reported that Biancheng Sports also built the first BC Space outdoor sports experience center in Jianye District, Nanjing, moving the ski resort into the city center, so that more citizens can experience the happy outdoors and a better life.”It is an honor to participate in the Winter Olympics in this way and I wish the athletes great success.”Johnnie said.Source: Purple Mountain News

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