The Lantern Festival in Kunming area of the pilot Free Trade Zone is beyond the imagination of a tiger

Kunming Information Port news reporter Jiang Ling correspondent Li Yiyang February 15, China (Yunnan) Free Trade Pilot Zone Kunming area (Kunming economic development Zone) 2022 “our Festival · Yuanxiao” good family tradition good family training theme series activities in The Luo Yang sub-district office shilong Lake community.With the theme of “Celebrate reunion of the Lantern Festival, love family, honor family and pass on the new wind”, the event set up lantern riddles area, game area and intangible cultural heritage exhibition area to guess lantern riddles, watch bamboo weaving, enjoy Yi embroidery and other traditional cultural forms, so that residents can directly feel the charm of the traditional festival in the interactive immersive experience.The event was particularly lively.Song and dance performances, sichuan opera face-changing and other stage, came to watch the show in an endless stream of people.During the period, also set up interactive links with prizes, to the residents of the public health knowledge, good family tradition good family training and other content.Guess lantern riddles “a day a mile points up and down, a stick waist inserted, to guess what this is the word?”In the lantern riddle area, Mr Wu is taking his children to guess lantern riddles.”Guessing lantern riddles is fun and entertaining. It’s a good way for children to gain knowledge and experience the traditional festival atmosphere.”In the exhibition area of intangible cultural Heritage, works such as jin Calligraphist, sugar painting, dough figurine, Yi embroidery and bamboo weaving are on display.”We have more than 150 yi embroidery stitches. Today, we will show our embroidery skills to the public in kunming Economic development Zone during the Lantern Festival, hoping to arouse more people’s interest in intangible cultural heritage.”Said Pu, a national inheritor of yi clothing, an intangible cultural heritage.”Intangible cultural heritage is still worthy of our appreciation and inheritance, and we are also interested in learning about it if possible.”Ms. MAO, who watched the intangible cultural Heritage works, said that the activity was very lively, which made the masses learn about Traditional Chinese culture in fun, and also made the relationship between people and neighbors become better, and enhanced the residents’ sense of identity and belonging to the district.Residents crowd play in addition, the scene is also equipped with propaganda booth, volunteers distributed by hanging banners, promotional materials, vigorously promote socialist core values, civilized city create as well as the Chinese excellent traditional culture and other related content, further enhance the cohesive force, let Dan good family precepts into the thousands.

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