Guessing Lantern riddles and making palace Lanterns Their journey ran into the “Lantern Festival” at the railway station

Zhejiang news client trainee reporter Hu Jingyi reporter Zhang Fan correspondent Xu Wenfeng Wang Min Sun Hepu Jiaxing station to carry out the “warm journey to celebrate the Lantern Festival” activities.In the morning of February 15, with the melodious flute of Jasmine Flower playing, lanterns were hung in the waiting room of Jiaxing station, giving a strong atmosphere for the Lantern Festival.Passengers waiting for the train will experience the new charm of the traditional Festival by making traditional Lantern Lanterns by hand, guessing lantern riddles to win prizes and listening to the explanation of traditional folk customs on the spot.In jixing station north waiting hall “12306 red ship Lei Feng service desk” next, a riddle riddles hanging on the wall, “blind people touch elephant (hit an idiom)” “early don’t say late don’t say (hit a word)”…These riddles involve traditional festival culture, party history knowledge, train safety knowledge, epidemic prevention knowledge and other content, passengers draw riddles to rush to answer, the right answer can get a small gift.Hangzhou train east station also carried out a celebration of the Lantern Festival activities yesterday, waiting hall north 2 entrance next to the “three areas one room”, high hanging lanterns, a lantern riddle, let passengers stop.The riddles are related to the popular winter Olympics and the 24 solar terms.Hangzhou East Railway Station to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Correspondent Tang Xinyan photograph “snow before a look is Hengshan, village head three hair stacked arhat (hit a winter Olympics project)”.Xiao Tang, an Internet worker and sports fan who was on a business trip to Ningbo, gave a wide range of answers with visitors.”It’s a sledge!Ms. Zhou, who was in the crowd, gave the correct answer, and the staff and volunteers presented her with a custom-made face mask with the year of the Tiger.Xu Xiaoting, the station master on duty at Hangzhou East Railway Station, explained that the station will closely link the winter Olympics with the Lantern Festival through the traditional folk riddle guessing, and popularize the knowledge of winter Olympics and ice and snow sports in the promotion of traditional Chinese culture.In addition to guessing lantern riddles, jiaxing station will also present handmade traditional Lantern Festival lanterns and music flash MOBS.”This is the first time for me to celebrate Lantern Festival at the railway station. It was made by my son. Today’s event is very memorable.”Ms. Zhang, a passenger from Nanhu District, Jiaxing city, waits for the bus with her four-year-old son and excitedly shows the palace lanterns she has made.”Jiaxing Station has a history of one hundred years. Our activities not only give new vitality to the ‘old festival’ at the ‘old station’, add festive elements to passengers’ trips, but also draw a perfect end to the New Year of the Tiger.”Jiaxing station party branch secretary Liu Ting said.On the same day, Jiaxing station ushered in a small peak of passenger travel, expected to send 3,500 passengers, 3800 passengers arrived.”The activity is arranged here today so that passengers can keep abreast of the new service measures of Hangzhou East Railway Station.”Xu xiaoting introduced that the newly built “three areas and one room”, namely the key passenger waiting area, military waiting area, children’s play area and mother and child waiting room, has served more than 1,000 key passengers since it was put into operation before the Spring Festival.It is reported that in order to guarantee the demand of returning passengers after the holiday, hangzhou railway department opened 419 return trains from Jiangxi, Anhui, Sichuan, Guizhou and other labor export provinces.

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