Is the current pension adjustment unfair?Should be high less rise, low more rise, right?

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, by the end of 2020, the number of employees receiving pensions in China is 130 million. In 2020, the monthly per capita pension of enterprise employees is about 2900 yuan, and the pension will continue to rise by 4.5% in 2021, and the per capita pension level will reach about 3,030 yuan after the increase.From 2005 since, worker annuities had realized 17 rise even, annuities gap still exists, even some annuities inferior retiree thinks, annuities did not rise again, rise more gap is bigger, high achieve ten thousand yuan, low have 1000 yuan left and right sides only.Many people believe that the current pension adjustment method is unfair before the 2022 pension increase. They believe that the high pension should be raised less, and the low pension should be raised more.As a matter of fact, pension increases over the years have been very good for low-income people, both taking into account the need to pay more and keep the ceiling as low as possible.One, annuities pay much much, long capture much, late retreat much deal with after retiring, the premise that can get annuities by the month is pay endowment insurance premium, the retiree of much capture capture can plan hair annuities more not only, and in annual annuities rise process, also can rise a few more.For example, when the salary is young, the higher the cost of capture is more naturally, the more the charge deducted from his salary is, the more the final balance of the total amount of individual account of endowment insurance is, the more pension is due.Capture expends fixed number of year to be longer, retire the retiree that jumps over late, pay cost more in order to increase the means of capture expends fixed number of year to pay cost, also can raise annuities level.In the process of pension increase, the pension system can develop healthily and sustainably by increasing the pension for the people with higher pension, which is also a kind of incentive for young people to pay.Two, three adjustment methods benefit more retirees Pension increases by the quota adjustment, linked adjustment and tilt adjustment in three ways.For example, for retirees with a pension of 1000 yuan and 5000 yuan, the adjustment of the quota is 80 yuan. The increase of 1000 yuan is 8%, and the increase of 5000 yuan is 1.6%. In the case that the overall increase of the pension is 5%,Shifting more of the increase to people with lower pensions.By linking the basic pension and the number of years of contributions, the adjustment reflects that more contributions and longer contributions are more.If the linked basic pension is directly raised by a certain percentage, such as 2%, then the pension of 1,000 yuan will be raised by 20 yuan and that of 5,000 yuan will be raised by 100 yuan.Adjust the fixed number of years of linked payment. The longer the fixed number of years of payment, the more pension will rise, whereas the shorter the fixed number of payment, the less pension will rise.Tilt adjustment through to the elderly and difficult remote areas of the retirees tilt care, an additional amount of money, reflect the human care of the elderly, reflect the traditional virtue of respecting the elderly in Our country.Three less, high inflation, low rise more unfair if blindly pursue high fewer retirees rose to pension, to lower inflation, then to capture to expend more retirees is unfair, will hit the payment enthusiasm of young people, do not accord with the principle of pension pay more, but also not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of old-age insurance system,It is only fair to take care of those with lower pensions while insisting that they pay more for more.In general, no matter the pension is high or low, for retirees, take care of yourself and live a long and healthy life is better than anything.Welcome to like and forward. Meanwhile, follow @Xiaoqi social Security to learn more about social security and pension.

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