Lianshan: Zhuang Yao Folk Song sings “SAN Yue SAN”

Zhuang Yao folk song line singing lianshan “March 3”!”On March 3, the market sang happily.At the Song Market Festival on March 3rd, we are all singing happily and vigorously. We invite you to sing folk songs with us…”On the morning of April 2, the 2022 “Sanyusan” folk song festival online performance in Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, sponsored by the county Cultural Center under the guidance of the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports, kicked off with beautiful songs.In order to enrich the cultural life of the masses during the epidemic, “SAN yue SAN” festival atmosphere, further promote lianshan local outstanding traditional culture, show the non-material cultural heritage protection and inheritance, this performance activities actively adapt to the epidemic prevention and control, reasonable control the scale of the scene and excellent performance in the form of recorded video broadcast through the network to meet with the audience,This special way expands the publicity form and audience of this exhibition activity.During the activity, folk song lovers from all over the county showed their style in the show, such as “Songs fly in the Sky at Sange Market in March”, “Lianshan Good”, “King Pan Born twelve Family Names”, “Nian Evening Song”, “King Pan Big Song” and other folk songs, singing the regional characteristics and deep emotions of Lianshan, telling the beautiful life like telling stories.As one of the mass cultural activities of Lianshan in 2022, the online performance of folk songs focuses on the cultural exchanges and mutual learning among people of all ethnic groups in Lianshan, shows the artistic charm of songs of different ethnic groups, promotes the inheritance, development and prosperity of the fine traditional culture of the nation, and promotes the people of all ethnic groups to share a harmonious, rich and beautiful new life.”This online performance of folk songs is just an epitome of chanting, and the folk songs that have penetrated into the lives of people of all ethnic groups in Lianshan have been flowing.”County cultural center related person in charge said.For all the ethnic groups in Lianshan, no song is a feast. Through their singing practice, they have not only left behind the folk songs and customs throughout Lianshan, but also the moving songs that spread endlessly.Lianshan Zhuang song and Yao Song have been selected as provincial and municipal intangible cultural Heritage projects respectively, and have always been loved by the masses.In recent years, Lianshan is vigorously strengthening the inheritance and protection of “intangible cultural heritage”, including traditional Zhuang and Yao folk songs, and has formulated a series of effective measures, including “protection of people” and “inheritance of songs”, and development plans to keep pace with The Times.Now, the folk songs of the ethnic minorities in Lianshan not only have a long history, but also have a vibrant new style of inheritance. They are showing their unique style to the world in a brand-new situation, jumping on bamboo poles and singing folk songs…Lianshan small sister small brother “March 3”!In order to promote national culture, edify students’ sentiment, stimulate the love of hometown, love the spirit of the nation.On the morning of April 2nd, the activity of “March 3rd, Song Market Music” was held in the ethnic Kindergarten of the county in 2022 spring semester.With the beautiful folk music melody, the activity kicked off. Teachers and children dressed in minority costumes danced with the music. The whole garden was full of vigor and vitality.Then, the teacher and the children hand in hand have jumped bamboo dance, in the rhythm of the rhythm of the sound, in the bamboo split moment, they quickly back and forth jumping, feeling the “Zhuang March 3” thick festival atmosphere, enjoying the happy time.The teachers had an interactive question-and-answer session with the children, asking them about the unique traditional customs of “March 3rd, Song Market”. The children all raised their hands and told them about the customs of fire cracker ball and folk songs.After the question-and-answer session, the children came to the small park in the garden and divided into two groups to sing.Each team has sent “Cow brother” and “Liu Sanjie” for folk song duets, feeling the customs of zhuang nationality, appreciate the charm of traditional culture.Through this activity, let children have a deeper understanding of the customs and feelings “zhuang SAN yue SAN” characteristics, develop traditional culture of zhuang, zhuang folk folkway, in the children’s heart sow the seeds of a love traditional national culture, stimulate the cultural identity and national self-confidence, and further enhance the level of school national unity education and the harmonious progress.(Source: Lianshan)

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