Mars weekly | OpenSea announced the vc department OpenSea Ventures;Ective has announced its move into the metasverse

Disclaimer: This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice.This article represents the views of the author and does not represent the official position of Mars Finance., remember to pay attention to oh sources: Mars selected finishing | Rachel Mars editor moment the word interview Vitalik:Since its inception in 2015, Ethereum has become the most active and largest platform for smart contracts. In this article, Vitalik covers the most important things about Ethereum: PoS, Ethereum endgame, decentralization, regulation, L2, security.The path taken by Flow is different from that of most current public chains. Flow has a large number of IP partners, and its ecological cooperation projects are generally at a relatively high level. The audience is mainly traditional users.This article discusses OpenSea’s early days and recent strategic thinking, the pyramid of Web3 security, and the competition it faces.Delphi Labs, the master of Economic Models behind Axie and LunaThis article mainly introduces the birth of Delphi Labs, how to help Axie design economic model, with Terra’s story and the project is incubating…IN the words of sequoia Capital insiders, Michelle Bailhe is the real ALL IN CRYPTO!Ribbon Finance, a structured product on the chain, has been deployed to SolanaNFT market aggregation platform Gem with a new scan mode, which supports bulk purchase based on quantity or ETH budget. NFTRSS3 will be testing DAO governance in the near future.Participants will receive Trands NFTWeb 3 Information Infrastructure Protocol RSS3 now deployed to AvalancheDoodles will release Space Doodle NFTThe on February 28thGraph launches $205 million ecosystem Fund Namecheap announces acquisition of NamebaseDune Analytics To support Solana on-chain data,Currently in the testing phase, BSC announced its name change to BNB ChainBNB Chain announced the formation of DeFi alliance, Tornado Cash released a new proposal,Proposed to further enhance the level of decentralization and enabling TORNLivepeer announced to transfer all functions from ethereum main network to Arbitrum decentralized trading protocol 0X will introduce NFT order function decentralized trading platform Clipper has been extended to the Optimism prediction machine solution API3 announced on AirnodeSmart contract platform Moonbeam Network decentralized content publishing platform Mirror has deployed the word contract to Arbitrum andOptimismCoinbase’s $14 million super bowl sign-up bonus AD caused the site to temporarily go downInjectiveTrading Guilds announced the launch of An upcoming $100 million investment fund into Meta-Universe Stronghold,Axie Infinity, which focuses on fintech, Web3 and blockchain, will launch Origin (Battles) at the end of q1Verite Sotheby’s will auction Kobe Bryant’s shooting jersey and its NFT,Sequoia Capital will launch a $500 million to $600 million crypto fund. Animoca Brands’ Japanese subsidiary has completed a $10 million seed round.Animoca Brands announced a $30 million union accelerator program with Brinc,Fireblocks, a crypto hosting provider supporting the global P2E ecosystem, announced the acquisition of First DAG, a Stablecoin payment platform, and Gemie, a metauniverse project, raised $3.8 million.Cherry Ventures launched a $34 million crypto fund. OpenSea announced the launch of its venture Capital arm OpenSea Ventures, which will support Web 3 projects. Gamium, a meta-cosmic technology company, announced the completion of a $2.25 million private funding round.DAO Maker and others invested in the metauniverse platform Pax. World and completed the $5.8 million seed round and private round financing. AU21 Capital and others invested in the chain game MixMob and obtained the $7 million seed round financing.Defiance Capital led an $8 million round in Maverick Protocol, Pantera Capital led a $35 million round in Axelar,Dragonfly and Polychain, among others, raised $1.7 million for Web 3 project Promising Water, and Coinbase, among others, raised $30 million for decentralized database developer 3Box Las.Multicoin and USV led A $9 million Series A round for Fluence Labs, A Web 3 native computing platform. Multicoin led A $7 million round for crypto startup Multis, sequoia Capital led A $2.7 million round for Ethlas,Sequoia Capital India and others invested in NFT market, Fayre completed $3.8 million private financing, Protocol Labs and others invested in NEAR ecological decentralized trading platform Ref Finance completed $4.8 million financing,Jump Crypto led a $5 million funding round for privacy app Shade Protocol,NGC Ventures and others have joined Web 3 Vision to announce a $20 million vc fund, Bullieverse has raised $4 million,Spark Digital Capital and others invested $7 million in Dexalot, a decentralized trading platform.True Global Ventures invested $8.3 million in Healthcare blockchain company Chronicled, Castle Island raised $250 million in digital assets,Will invest in crypto startup Trace Finance, a Brazilian fintech company, completed a $4.3 million seed round and HOF Capital led a $5 million round of investment in crypto trading platform Aurox.Deborah Braun and other investors raised $18 million for RabbitHole, and Greylock and TCG Crypto co-led a $18 million round for Web 3 wallet Rainbow.Seven Seven Six led a $1.65 million round for NFT ID universal identity protocol Skill Wallet, Third Kind Venture Capital led a $4.5 million round for Crypto quantitative trading platform provider AlgoTrader,SBI Investment and other participating blockchain startup 5ire received 100 million USD capital commitment data from GEM. The Super Bowl short film released by FTX became the most popular. Avalanche Bridge’s total lock up volume reached 6.238 billion USD.Circle, the largest USDC publisher of all Ethereum Bridges, has announced New Deal terms with SPAC, raising its valuation to $9 billion. InvestGame:The cryptocurrency fund attracted $75 million in new investments last week, according to CoinShares.The Russian Finance Minister responded to the “over-centralization” question by saying that improvements are being planned and the multi-signature mechanism will gradually be phased out.Government to work with central bank to resolve dispute over cryptocurrency policy The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a notice on preventing risks of illegal fundraising in the name of “metasomes” TerraCEO was ordered to comply with SEC and MirrorProtocol investigates subpoenas related to the Spanish Central Bank authorizing Bit2Me to become the country’s first crypto service provider Ukraine’s Parliament passes law legalizing cryptocurrencies U.S. lawmakers issue draft staboin regulation Bill The New York Stock Exchange has filed regulatory documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,Plans to offer crypto and NFT transactions Belarusian President has signed a decree supporting the free circulation of cryptocurrencies security party shield:Next week Ahead Sotheby’s will auction 104 CryptoPunks from February 18 to 23,Samsung will be issuing NFT (next Friday) to users who pre-order Galaxy S22 and S8 tablets. Parallel, a sci-fi NFT card game, will be available on February 27th for the PDIII series (next Sunday).

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