The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games “spark”!

I really enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics last night.1, when the warm field moved me, from the northeast to the south, from the South to the northwest, all kinds of customs, all kinds of human geography, showing China’s vast territory and abundant resources, beautiful characters.In particular, the camera turned to altay, Xinjiang, the origin of human skiing…When a group of people hurtling down on primitive fur sleds, it’s amazing to see not just movement, but the glow of human civilization, the vibrant history of the human race.Countdown uses 24 solar terms, a solar term a poem, perfect into the national culture.This idea is so beautiful. Chinese people’s concept of time is inseparable from production and life. Our calendar is created for people’s good life, not for worshiping god.3, when the athletes enter the stadium, according to the order of Chinese strokes, the little sister held the sign, the most conspicuous is the Chinese characters of the country, this is the “cultural confidence” ah, friends come from afar, want to see is “only the nation, is the world”.4, love everyone standing in the “snow” with a pair of hands to pass the red flag of the moment, that is a history, both distant, and close at hand, it is a very old and very new story – our great motherland, is built in this way.5, lighting effects to play to the extreme, especially “the water of the Yellow River sky”, the dynamic surging river condensed into ice, beat the ice brick crystal clear five rings rise, and then the five rings is a dream of the blue earth……In literature and art, it is called “snow moon and clear sky”, and has the grand beauty of science fiction like stars and sea.6, every snowflake is the name of a country, countless snowflakes together, the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Russia, Ukraine…The torch is small, the world is big, the spark is shining on us, and look at the smiling faces of the athletes when they enter the stadium, finally there is a feeling of “great unity of the people of the world”.7, the most warm, when the propaganda film that a group of practice skiing, skating children, they naive to step on the ice knife, step on the sled, again and again fell, again and again to get up to continue to try, and then laugh practice makes perfect, and silly dog together gallop……Such is the state of the human race. We are still children, children toddling, growing, painful and happy in this harsh universe.8, it is said that the ignition of link, the torch is too small, in fact we have had to use a variety of gorgeous explosion means time to prove himself, as long as there is a fire, the in the mind is the “flame” avoid, big, it is not important, that we can all over the world, also can let the world think once today.A single flame in the ice and snow shines on the whole world. It is the spark.It is the fire of civilization, the fire in the dark caves of ignorance, the fire in the hands of the guides of our long, snowy journey.Look at those snowflakes, representing all the countries and regions on the earth. There are so many love and hatred between them that one night is hard to tell clearly. Today we gather here happily, and tomorrow we may face off against each other…But no matter how cold reality, how “dark forest”, there is always a little fire, shining all mankind.Even a small spark can bring warmth and hope.This is the spark of great unity of the people of the world and the spark of a community with a shared future for mankind.Only such a grand event can let people forget politics, economy and military affairs, inequality and injustice in the world, conflicts and confrontations, hatred and misunderstanding, and let them enjoy the feelings belonging to human brothers and sisters.So, how I wish this moment would last forever.Source: Pingyuan Childe, original with abridged author: Shen Peng

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