The sincerity and blessing in the medal box

Letter to German athletes from the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Beijing, Feb. 15 ( — A medal box for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, without any MEDALS, has been delivered to the German delegation, which is still here for the Winter Olympics. What happened?The reporter learned that on February 6, a German woman ski jumper won a silver medal in the competition.But on her way home, the box containing her Silver medal was damaged.The award-winning athlete posted pictures of the damaged box on his social media account – showing it in tattered condition and heavily covered in blue paint.She added a crying emoji to show how sorry she was.This reflected the German delegation still in Beijing.The Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee immediately prepared a new medal box and sent it to the German delegation, asking it to hand it to the winning athlete.It is reported that the boxes used to store the MEDALS of the winning athletes are strictly screened and arranged, with unique codes.In order to make the German athlete’s journey to The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games without regret, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee provided considerate and friendly service to the athletes, who not only competed in snow and ice, but also gained warmth and friendship.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are halfway through.At this world-renowned event, what was talked about was not only the MEDALS and records, but also the warm atmosphere inside and outside the stadium, the friendship between athletes, athletes and service personnel, and the open and inclusive Chinese style and Olympic spirit.For example, in this small medal box, there will not only be a silver medal, but also the blessings and sincerity from China.(after)

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