3-party 7-person transaction waiting for official announcement!Harden goes to sixers, nets get 3 Kings, Kings lose

James Harden is playing for Brooklyn, embiid said in an interview with the media on February 8.But who doesn’t like to play with the best players like Durant, Curry and Harden?According to WOJ, the Nets had previously turned down a trade deal for Harden, but The Phillies were still interested in acquiring harden at the trade deadline or in the offseason.According to sources in the US, Philadelphia is planning to trade Harris in a deal for Simmons, rather than give up young star Maxie, while the Nets are not keen on Simmons and are not willing to take Harris’ contract poison.BR reports that Kings is likely to join the Nets and Philadelphia in a three-way deal involving seven players.Among them, Philadelphia acquired Harden;Nets get Fox, Hiard, Bagley;The Kings get Ben Simmons, Drummond, Harris.And how much is this deal operable, poison tongue and everyone analyze together!For Philadelphia, the deal was a big payday, not only getting rid of Harris’s contract, but also acquiring harden, the former MVP and scoring champion, and forming a dual-core system with Harden and Embiid as the main body.Harden will be a great matchup. He and Embiid will make the pick-and-roll impossible to defend. Embiid is one of the MVP picks this season with horrific efficiency, and he can shoot from the outside and open up space for Harden to drive, while Embiid’s ability to slide down the cake makes the two guys work well together.Philadelphia retained maxi and Ceccuri in the deal, and the 76ers will move into first tier.As for the Nets, their chances of winning a championship this season are pretty much nil if Irving plays part-time, and harden is going to be tough to count on alone.If Harden leaves, it would be wise for the Nets to add more points in pieces.Fox is quick, penetrating, capable of tearing defenses apart and a threat at the No. 1 position due to his length and wingspan.Hiard is third in the league in 3-pointers made and field goal attempts made per game, shooting 36.8 percent from the field and giving the Nets a dagger on the perimeter in the absence of Joe Harris.Marvin Bagley, meanwhile, is a 2-foot-11 inside lineman who is an efficient frontcourt rebounder with good mobility and, despite his lack of rim continuity and the fact that there is room for improvement defensively, could provide a huge boost to the Nets’ thin interior.The Nets have their three join, scoring points more scattered, the strength of the interior has been certain to enhance, under the leadership of Durant, they still have a chance to contend for the title.Ben Simmons, despite his defensive and playmaking skills, has a shooting deficit that makes it difficult for him to be the centerpiece of a rebuilding effort, and Harris is a negative asset who offers good value for money but doesn’t help the Kings much.As a rebuilding team, draft picks were an asset the Kings had to recover when they sent fox, Hiard, Charles Barkley and others away, but they didn’t get any of them.Unless they make a good bet on Simmons, who can develop into a three-point, all-in-one guard, it’s a bad deal.What do you think?

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