Changshu Jiangxiang village issued 7.623 million yuan shares of 945 villagers like to receive dividends

Su Daily news (In Changshu reporter Yuan Ding correspondent Yang Zhizhou) On January 28, Changshu Zhitang Town Jiangxiang village committee laughter, 192 family representatives have come to receive 2021 annual share dividends.A total of 7.623 million yuan was distributed to 945 villagers.Ding Shiyun took the dividend deposit with both hands, with a smile on his face.He was a big farmer in the village, and his hands were rough and full of cracks, a testimony to his years of hard work in the field, but he felt very happy.”We are genuinely happy.”Ding Shiyun said.Chang Desheng, chief party secretary of Jiangxiang Village, said the village has been paying dividends since 2008, and the value of each share has increased year by year, from 300 yuan at the beginning to 10,000 yuan now, with even newborn children in the village receiving dividends.Shen caihong’s family of six has a share bonus of 10,000 yuan per person and a pension of more than 24,000 yuan for three elderly people.Shen caihong’s family earns more than 84,000 yuan a year in welfare payments from the village, not counting their salary.Receive share bonus scene, villager Zhou Pingya and everyone to share their joy.With the share dividends and the pension from the village, she felt as good as anyone in the city.As early as 1979, Jiangxiang village implemented “pay according to the old”.Villagers aged 58 for men and 55 for women now receive a monthly pension ranging from 600 to 2,200 yuan.On the same day, Jiangxiang village to the village 330 meet the conditions of the elderly issued more than 1.21 million yuan pension.According to statistics, only by share dividends and pensions, jiang Xiang part of the elderly reached the national average income level of farmers.Including labor income, the per capita disposable income of jiangxiang villagers was 60,500 yuan last year, up 9.3 percent year on year, far exceeding the national per capita disposable income.Free admission to the three-star standard apartment for the elderly, admission to Jiangxiang Nursing Home with additional subsidies, medical insurance and other five major insurance coverage, building a platform for independent entrepreneurship……Work has a thick, live livable, old have to take care of, learn to have excellent education, illness has good medical treatment, a picture of the happiness of the new socialist countryside is slowly unfolding by the people of Jiang Xiang.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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