How to quickly acquire knowledge of a field, choose five books skillfully, and carry on the topic reading

Read through five books.This is the 23rd close reading of Crossing the Impossible.In Crossing the Impossible, the author offers five steps to acquiring knowledge. The first step is to read all five books.Read five books to familiarize yourself with the area of knowledge on the subject, allow yourself to be confused, just make a note of it, and in step two, ask an expert in the subject.These five books are skillfully chosen.First, find the most popular, best-selling book on the subject, and aim to find the joy of learning.For the second book, choose a book that is equally popular, but usually more specialized and relevant to the subject.Arouse the excitement of learning.For the third book, choose a semi-technical book on the subject. It should be interesting, but difficult, and contain something that a professional can understand.The fourth is supposed to be a really esoteric specialist book on the subject, it’s not fun, but it will give you an idea of the subject that experts are all thinking about.The fifth book should be a book that gives you an idea of the future direction of the subject, not hard to read but maybe hard to understand, and the hard one should be the fourth book.Usually after reading these five books, you should have enough basic knowledge and professional knowledge of the subject you are going to study.In my case, I was studying middle management myself.The first book I chose was The Effective Manager, the best selling management book in China by Peter Drucker, the father of modern management.My second book of choice is Managing Newcomers to Great Managers, which shares practical tips for new managers.The third book I choose is Common Sense for Managers — Seven Concepts to Make Management Perform, written by Teacher Chen Chunhua. This book has already covered some professional concepts of management.The fourth book I choose is Drucker’s Management (Volume two), which is a very difficult management book and highly professional.The fifth book I choose is Ramcharan’s Leadership Echelon, which talks about a very cutting-edge topic, how to cultivate leadership echelon and how to realize the role change of managers in each promotion of enterprises.Therefore, how to learn a knowledge area quickly?Choose five books skillfully for thematic reading.

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