In January, sales of China’s top 100 real estate companies fell more than 20% year on year

China News Service, Beijing, February 7 (reporter Pang Wuji)Sales of Chinese real estate companies fell significantly in January, Wang Lin, research director of the enterprise division of the Middle Finger Research Institute, said at a monthly property situation analysis conference On Monday.The average monthly sales of the top 100 real estate companies fell by more than 20% year-on-year.Data on that day showed that the average sales of the top 100 real estate enterprises in January was 6.18 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), down 23.1% year on year.In the same month, 15 real estate enterprises with sales of more than 10 billion yuan, 14 fewer than the same period last year, 22 real estate enterprises with sales of more than 5 billion yuan, 31 fewer than the same period last year.Industry consolidation and adjustment efforts are also increasing.In January, with the support of policies such as acquisition, debt issuance and loans, the acquisition and acquisition of real estate enterprises increased.In that month, China Resources Vientiane Life acquired Yuzhou Property, Zhongnan Service;China Acquired the equity of Guangzhou Lihe held by Agile and Shimao for RMB 3.7 billion;Zhonghai Hongyang acquired Agile Yiwu, Xuzhou and other projects;Xuzhou State-owned Pan Resort Property took over Evergrande nanjing project;Guangdong Land acquisition guangdong property, etc.Among them, state-owned enterprises, central enterprises in the acquisition of active performance.That month, a number of real estate companies announced heavy repurchases of their own shares.Among them, jinke and other real estate enterprises to buy back more than 100 million yuan.Wang pointed out that corporate share buybacks can help stabilize or raise stock prices, ease collateral risks and increase investor confidence.From the investment decisions of enterprises, most real estate enterprises are more cautious, in general, the scale of real estate enterprises to take a significant decline.According to the Middle Finger Research Institute, in January 2022, the total land acquisition of 50 representative real estate enterprises decreased by 88.8% year on year.On the one hand, in January 2022, affected by the Spring Festival and centralized land supply, the pace of land supply slowed down.On the other hand, affected by various financial control policies, housing enterprises under pressure to take the willingness and ability to take the land.However, some stable cash flow enterprises to take a positive attitude, such as: China Resources Land, New Hope real estate, January to take land increased year-on-year.From the area of housing enterprise layout, enterprises are still keen to take land in the Yangtze River Delta, accounting for 69.3%.Ningbo, Jiaxing and Shangqiu in Henan province ranked among the top three cities in terms of land area taken by representative real estate enterprises in January.Source:

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