Ling Fang, facing the “most beautiful expectations” of Chinese people

When it comes to Ling Fang, a lot of people are actually holding full expectations.After all, Toyota has been rumoured to be localizing the HARRIER since two years ago, and expectations for the SUV are high for many car fans.After all, HARRIER enjoys a high reputation abroad.There are no other reasons. On the one hand, Lexus’ prototype Harrier is a model with a great story in the Japanese market. Its previous works are actually the sister version of Lexus RX, and in a sense, it is a new model of Toyota.And has 24 years of good reputation in overseas assets, favored by the majority of consumers.LingFang, on the other hand, is a leading light of luxury urbanism SUV, Toyota RAV4 glorious past lots more prominent Lu Fang cross-country performance, there is a big difference, not the Toyota SUV’s consistent, rather than LingFang with put other family members for TNGA – K production platform, clearly superior strength, this time is to make level robbed the first appearance,It’s not surprising that people are paying attention.Faw Toyota Lingfang is listed on the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021, until now close to the end of the year, facing the market precipitation has been a little time.According to the sales data released by the official basis, the order quantity of Lingfang in November 2021 is 7,000 + units, achieving a breakthrough of 225%. In terms of the comprehensive order quantity, it is also very well recognized by the market.Today, we will take a look at the strength of this “most beautiful Toyota SUV”.Lingfang is the fourth generation Toyota HARRIER imported by FAW Toyota.First of all, we must start from the appearance level, after all, ling Fang’s high appearance level has become a legendary model in the industry.Lingfang continues HARRIER’s first generation design language, elegance is its main factor, which is more evident in its design. At first sight, there is a Sense of Lexus, which is why people call Lingfang “Lexus NX Pingte”.First look at the front face design, Ling Fang looked from a distance, like a kite is about to spread its wings to fly, very imposing, but also a trace of soft beauty.Projection LED headlamps with Hi grade headlight, outer package 2 L lamp tape, sharp, clearance light, day light, three lights, turn signals when the turn signal light switch for the amber, very gentle, but also to avoid the sudden vertigo caused by light, headlight medial projection LED headlamp unit collocation, with large size and trapezoidal intake China perfect fit,It’s very nice.This tension design is very recognizable.Compared with the former face of delicate feeling, LingFang combination after the rear window is LED lamp, sharp design to bring strong visual impact, one word red light position and high brake lights, clever tail unique concave and convex line, give a person a kind of vultures swooped down sense of speed, movement sharp attitude is very impressive.RAV4 上 升 obviously, spend this tens of thousands of pieces of absolute value for money.In terms of details, almost all the places that our body and hands often come into contact with are wrapped with leather materials. With the exquisite decorative pieces and exquisite sewing process of some luxury models, the overall atmosphere of lingfang is no less than that of any luxury brand models at the same price.At the same time, Lingfang in the configuration of science and technology is also a great improvement than rongfang.The dual 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and central control large screen not only carry the car network, but also enable the in-car APP to listen to music, precise navigation, shopping and even remote control of home appliances.At the same time, Lingfang voice recognition and face recognition function, can also completely free the hands of driving, as long as the way through dialogue can solve the car machine control, such as listening to music, adjust the temperature of air conditioning, and even open the skylight, which has obvious advantages in other competitive products.At the same time, ling fang’s top matching models are also equipped with JBL sound, coupled with ling NVH advantages, you can enjoy the palace sound effect in the car.In addition to the appearance design, lingfang’s hybrid technology is also worth mentioning.The TNGA 2.5L two-engine hybrid Power system (THS ⅱ) is small, lightweight and efficient, relying on an unmatched core technology: PSD (Power Split Device).The technology, hailed as the perfect design for hybrid cars, has dominated the hybrid sector after a 20-year technological blockade since it was patented in 1997.The power distribution of the HEV is seamless and efficient through the planetary gear, which enables the HEV to switch freely between oil, electric and hybrid modes.Greatly improved fuel economy and power performance.At the same time to achieve the acceleration response, calm and other aspects of the improvement, driving infinite fun.The 2.5L twin-engine version is basically the same as Toyota’s other models. It is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 2.5L self-priming engine with 41% thermal efficiency, dual motors, planetary gear shunting system and batteries. The comprehensive power of the front-drive system is 160kW, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 5.07L/100km.The four-wheel-drive model added a 40kW rear motor, the integrated power of the system is 163kW, and the integrated WLTC fuel consumption is 5.27L/100km.The most noteworthy is the four-wheel drive system of Lingfang. From a technical point of view, four-wheel drive has stronger passability and driving comfort. Moreover, the hybrid model can not only use the built-in motor in the rear axle to avoid the traditional shaft, but also provide power when four-wheel drive is needed to enhance the acceleration and passability of the wheels.At the same time, the power driving mode of Lexang is 100:0-20:80 output, the driver can switch freely at any time and anywhere, and the change of parameters can be seen in real time on the large screen.At present, FAW Toyota has launched 7 models of fuel version and dual-engine version, with a price range of 218,800 yuan to 297,800 yuan. Its price and economy are also very in line with the requirements of the current new delicacy.This also lets us see that FAW Toyota always adheres to the brand concept of “Sincerity to the extreme” and insists on bringing high-value products to users.

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