Luochuan Red Fuyuan Fruit industry: rooted in the land of home to create a first-class brand

Just after the Spring Festival, luochuan County red Fuyuan fruit industry production workshop shows a lively scene, workers are busy sorting and packaging apple.According to Luochuan Red Fuyuan fruit industry sales manager Bai Liang, before and after the Spring Festival, the company each direct store shipment of about 50 tons of apple, the current supply is sufficient, employees are also working overtime to the direct store stock, to ensure that customers can eat high quality red Fuyuan Luochuan apple.The production workshop is working overtime, and the nursery stock base of red Fuyuan fruit industry is not idle.Zhu Niu convenience service center Donghua village villagers Zhang Donghai ran more than 100 miles road, specially came to the red fuyuan fruit industry nursery stock base for investigation, for this year’s new garden selection of nursery stock varieties.”I’m going to use this seedling, which has a great variety and a great choice.Moreover, the buds and branches of the seedlings are relatively full, and there is room for optimization.”Zhang Donghai told reporters.The satisfaction of the masses and praise, benefit from the high standard of nursery stock base construction.The seedling base of Red Fuyuan fruit industry covers an area of 300 mu, mainly cultivating fublas, aifei, Ruixue and other new apple varieties, with more than 700,000 seedlings at present, providing high-quality apple seedlings for surrounding people and enterprises at the same time, but also guaranteeing the company’s apple production base with seedlings.At present, red fuyuan fruit industry in the county towns, convenient service center to establish more than 2400 acres of apple production base, with high-quality seedlings guarantee, the good benefit of the base is obvious.In 2020, Red Fuyuan fruit industry also hosted the Luochuan County science and technology Innovation Park 1000 acres of high standard dwarf dense planting demonstration park, to further form the nursery stock breeding, planting, storage, sales integration development business model.The good management of the enterprise has also been widely recognized by the community.In 2021, Hongfuyuan fruit industry was rated as one of luochuan Apple’s 10 most popular consumer brands.”The next step, we will continue to adhere to the purpose of creating the first brand image of Apple in Luochuan, the interests of consumers as the guide, the development of enterprise innovation spirit, actively build a diversified new retail system of agricultural products, drive the transformation and upgrading of the traditional Apple industry, the red Fuyuan fruit industry into a first-class brand enterprise.”Red fuyuan fruit business manager Tian Linfeng said.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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