Zhanjiang Avenue road west of Tangkou Relief Line of Zhanjiang Railway gradually takes shape, but there are still two lag points

A few days ago, @Zhanhai Blue Sky  came to the west of tangkou relief line of zhanjiang Avenue East Island Railway.About to New Year’s day, along the way basically can not see the builder, some usually do not surround the shelter of the place has been surrounded up.I first came to the west side of zhanjiang Avenue and zhanjiang Sea Railway Tangkou Relief Line temporary line.The section of Zhanjiang Avenue to the west of Tangkou Dredged Line and ganshi Road to the east of Trans-Zhanjiang Span bridge has been paved with two layers of asphalt concrete. Part of the pavement has been paved, and cement blocks that are not paved are also piled on the pavement.Ganshi Road cross Zhanjiang Overpass Bridge south end ganshi Road cross Zhanjiang Avenue overpass has been enclosed, there are no workers in the vicinity of the operation.The west side of the Shugang Avenue Overpass follows zhanjiang Avenue under construction to the west, passing the Ganshishi Line overpass and shugang Avenue overpass.The north lead line of the zhanjiang overpass on Ganshi Road has not yet been constructed, and the deck of the shugang Avenue overpass has been paved with asphalt concrete layer.Soft foundation treatment is being carried out on Zhanjiang Avenue under Zhanjiang Railway Bridge. In the southern part of zhanjiang Avenue, the progress is slow and piles are still being driven. In the northern part, piles have been built and retaining walls have been poured, which is a lag point.Zhanjiang Road west of Shenzhen-Zhanjiang Railway soft foundation treatment has been carried out on both sides of zhanjiang Road west of Shenzhen-Zhanjiang Railway, and basically water stable layer has been spread.Yuanshui Overpass at the entrance of Longwan Village, Huanglue Town, Suixi County, the intersection of Zhanjiang Avenue and Suixi Avenue can be seen through yuanshui Overpass. The construction progress of this overpass is very slow, so far there is still a prototype of a left turn ramp.

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