3 key strategies after the market crash

Today, I have been focusing on events in Ukraine and Russia. In particular, Russia’s destruction of an important command base in Ukraine marked the official use of Military power by Russia. However, the “Black Swan” event still happened.Before, I predicted that it would be difficult for Ukraine and Russia to fight, because the cost of the war is too great. Today, after Russia started to fight, Turkey’s stock market was cut off after the opening, Russian index dropped 21%, European natural gas rose 20%, food and energy soared, and the futures of the three major U.S. stock indexes plunged…A shares are also unlucky eggs, play up when just A shares in trading, directly down, closing is 4000 stocks fell.Now that the “black Swan” event has happened, I think the most important thing is to make timely response, whether it is to clear or add positions, should be decisive.Under the current situation, I think there are three strategies to choose :(1) liquidation. The impact of this event may be no less than that of the outbreak last time. I think many people will choose liquidation, because only in this way can they feel at ease.Especially for friends with leverage, when the situation is uncertain, it is best to play it safe and remove leverage is the first choice.(2) Hedging caused the stock market to fall because of the war, which happened in Ukraine and Russia, so even if hedging risks, it should also be targeted.Ukraine and Russia are big suppliers of food and energy, and these are hard currencies, which can be hedged by buying food and energy stocks. In addition, there is gold, which is also very strong as a hedge in troubled times.But this strategy requires a great deal of expertise, including the choice of hedges and proportions.Historically, military attacks and geopolitical events show that these eventually pass, markets bounce back after a big initial drop, and the best bet is to buy after a big drop.That’s the kind of medium – to long-term perspective that I think investors should have.A lot of people will ask, when is the bottom of the fall, I think we can wait until next week, as long as the situation continues to be tense, the stock market continues to fall, can continue to intervene.In the face of this “black swan” event, everyone has different feelings and will make different choices. However, no matter which choice you choose, I think you should be decisive, because procrastination will lead to loss.My strategy number three is buy!The more it falls, the more it buys. This rare opportunity, three years later, is the gold pit.It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to come back, and we just have to be more determined than most of the panics and be that 10% of the stock market.

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