‘Foreign leaders visit Great Wall’ Greek Prime Minister: Stunning World Heritage monument

The Great Wall of China, spanning more than 2,000 years and spanning more than 20,000 kilometers, is a historical and cultural miracle of the world, as well as a cultural bridge linking China and other countries in the world. Along its beautiful mountains and rivers, scenic spots and historic sites can be seen everywhere, attracting many tourists.Among the great Walls, the Badaling Section of the Great Wall in Beijing, China, meandering through the mountains of the Yanshan Mountains, is one of the most culturally rich, architecturally magnificent and visually spectacular of the hundreds of famous passes.In July 2016, Alexis Tsipras, then Prime Minister of Greece, visited the majestic Badaling Great Wall.Unfazed by the heat, Tsipras stepped out of his car with a spring in his step.Picking up the steps, leaning on the fence, every scene of the Great Wall, every piece of brick and stone are curious Tsipras, seeing the original 1 hour tour time is almost up, but he has no intention of returning, ready to the highest watchtower forward.At the top of the watchtower, the gradient is steep, not an easy climb for most people, and Mr. Tsipras is adamant.”Standing in front of this stunning monument to a World Heritage site, I am filled with indescribable respect and admiration for architecture, one of the greatest wonders of mankind,” he said.China and Greece are both ancient civilizations. There is also a Great Wall outside the remote Greek city of Athens — the Great Wall of the Isthmus of Corinth.Two Great Walls, separated from each other, tell the historical miracle of two ancient civilizations;The two cities, together lit the Fire of the Olympic Games, let the world civilization garden beauty and beauty together, qunfang race yan.

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