Haimen 2022 spring recruitment district-level physical examination began

On February 10, the district-level physical examination for the spring draft of 2022 in our district officially started.Yudong town more than 40 qualified young applicants came to the district people’s hospital physical examination center.At the physical examination site, under the guidance of the staff and in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and conscription, the young candidates wore masks throughout the whole process, lined up for temperature measurement, information registration and waiting for check-up.In strict accordance with the procedures, methods and standards of physical examination for conscription, the on-site medical staff will carry out the examination of surgery, internal medicine, vision, ent and other items of the young people, and do a good job in the first checkpoint of physical examination for conscription to ensure that qualified soldiers with excellent physical and psychological quality are provided to the troops.”I have always dreamed of becoming a soldier. I hope to have the opportunity to exercise myself in the army and make a contribution to the country.””Said cong Yang, a young applicant.Congyang, a junior at Nanjing University of Technology, had dreamed of entering the military academy when he was in high school, but he chose to enlist instead because he failed to get into the military academy due to his gaokao scores.Did not think of, because fatty liver, concerned index on the high side, continuous physical examination for two years, were eliminated.After being eliminated for the second time, he gritted his teeth and began to take physical exercise. After a year’s hard work, his index finally returned to normal.This year, armed with a good medical report, he signed up for the army again, hoping to realize his dream of being a soldier.”From junior high school to senior high school, whenever I read the history of resisting the United States to aid Korea and the war of self-defense against Vietnam, my blood was boiling.My first choice was to join the Navy because I wanted to build a stronger body and defend my country in the future.”From Yang said.It is understood that nearly 600 young candidates have passed the initial visual examination of conscription and entered the district-level physical examination.From now to 16th, the young candidates who have passed the preliminary examination in each district and town will receive the physical examination in batches. Then, the district will carry out political examination and pre-service training for the candidates to ensure the high-quality completion of the recruitment in spring 2022.Wang Yuyan/Editor: Sheng Mengjie Responsible Editor: Wu Jing ☆ Welcome to forward, reprint please indicate the source

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