Liaoning Provincial Department of Education latest announcement

In order to further deepen the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination and promote the effective connection between higher education and basic education talent cultivation, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Education,The ordinary colleges according to the Ministry of Education issued by the “enrollment of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities choose professional exam subjects require guidance (gm), the formulation of recruit students of liaoning province in 2024, the ordinary university recruitment of professional choice take an examination of course requirements, upon examination and approval by the competent department of the school, the distribution of our province education department compile for universal use, now be released, and the relevant instructions are as follows:The requirements of the selected subjects for the 2024 college entrance examination in Liaoning are for the reference of the 2024 college entrance examination students in Liaoning.The student can according to oneself interest interest and specialty, as a whole consider a country and social need, the union plans to enter oneself for an examination of college and major choose to take an examination of subject requirement, decide reasonably choose to take an examination of subject.For senior one students enrolled in 2019 and 2020, the subject selection requirements for the 2022 and 2023 college entrance examination are still based on the subject selection requirements compiled by ordinary colleges and universities in accordance with the 2019 edition of The Guidance on Subject Selection requirements for Undergraduate Enrollment (3+1+2 Mode).In 2024, the general college entrance examination of Our province will be carried out in the mode of “3+1+2”. Besides Chinese, Mathematics and Foreign language, candidates should first choose one subject from physics and history as their preferred subject, and then choose two subjects from chemistry, biology, ideology and politics and geography as optional subjects.Colleges and universities can be divided into four categories.➥ The first category is for those who do not require either their first choice or their second choice, i.e., “no subject requirement”, indicating that the first choice is either physics or history, and the second choice is any two subjects.➥ the second type is only to the preferred subject requirements, such as “physics (1 subject examinee must choose to take an examination can register for an examination)”, said the preferred subject for physics, and then choose subjects for any 2 subjects examinee can register for an examination.➥ The third category is only to re-choose the subject requirements, such as “chemistry (1 subject candidates must choose to enter for examination)”, that the preferred subject is physics or history, re-choose the subject candidates can enter for examination of chemistry;For example, “Chemistry, biology (2 subjects candidates must choose to enter for the examination)”, indicating that the first choice is physics or history, and the second choice is chemistry and biology candidates can enter for the examination.➥ the fourth category is the first choice of subjects and re-selected subjects are put forward to take an examination of the requirements, such as “physics, chemistry (2 subjects candidates are required to take an examination of candidates can register for examination)”, said the first choice of subjects for physics, re-selected subjects choose to take an examination of the candidates can register for examination;For example, “physics, chemistry, biology (3 subjects candidates must be selected before registering for examination)”, indicating that the preferred subject is physics, and the next subject is selected for examination of chemistry and biology candidates can register for examination.Released three, remind examinee, college entrance specialized optional course demand, is put forward by the colleges and universities in all the provinces of the university entrance exam comprehensive reform course selection requirements, do not represent all arrangements must be in a certain province recruit students, in our province actual enrollment in colleges and universities, professional and family class (physics class, history class) arrangement will be subject to the enrollment plan released enrollment in colleges and universities.In 2024, students in Liaoning will be enrolled in colleges and universities to select the required subjects for examination (undergraduate).In addition to the original content and special instructions, the text and pictures of the push manuscript are all from the Internet and major mainstream media.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.Urgent!!!The shenyang taxi driver took one more look at the crowd at work and found…Last night, the list was revealed!This name makes Shenyang proud!Liaoning a place to send missing person notice!

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