The most calm female driver in Guangdong province, who was hit by a porsche worth 1.2 million yuan, took a selfie with his phone first

Many Chinese people have a prejudice against women drivers, mainly because of their poor driving skills. Some people also make stupid mistakes, such as wearing high heels and not paying attention while driving.Some female drivers are not only poor in driving skills, but also have a special heart after a traffic accident. They don’t hurry up to deal with the accident and even think about taking photos.A woman driving her newly bought Porsche Palamela hit a taxi in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, causing serious damage.Liu, who was driving a newly bought Porsche Palamela, was driving on a fast road.Ms. Liu wanted to turn right while going straight, changing lanes from the middle lane to the right lane.Unexpectedly, there was a BYD new energy taxi in the right lane, and the BYD did not give way to The Paramela, and the two cars ended up crashing into each other when they met.Both cars were going fast and were badly damaged after the collision.The entire bumper of the BYD taxi had been knocked off, the left headlight was disabled and the hood was distorted.The right front of the Palamela was hit, the entire headlight was smashed, and the right bumper, wheels and front splint were severely damaged.After the collision, Liu and the taxi driver got out of the car to check the condition.Liu did not immediately call the police or contact the insurance company when she saw the serious damage. Instead, she took out her mobile phone and took a selfie.The taxi driver was very anxious beside him, and he wanted to communicate with Ms. Liu whether it could be solved privately.But Liu didn’t have time to talk to the taxi driver. He first took out his mobile phone to take pictures of the damage to the car, and then stood next to the car to take selfies, as if it wasn’t his car at all.Someone captured the incident and posted it online, with many netizens saying that the woman was so calm that she posted it on Wechat moments in the first place.Some people also expressed their understanding to Ms. Liu that there was no problem with Ms. Liu taking photos of the accident site with her mobile phone at the first time. After taking the photos, he may have contacted his friends to help deal with the accident.A car crash like this, Ms. Liu can be so calm, that he is a calm person.Who should I call after a crash?Traffic police should be contacted first after a crash.After the traffic accident, the owner should call the traffic police first, let the traffic police to deal with the traffic accident on the spot, issue the notice of accident responsibility identification.After contacting the traffic police, the owner considers whether to call the insurance company according to the division of responsibility.If both owners are partly to blame for the accident, both can contact their insurance companies.If a car owner is responsible for the accident, the driver who is responsible should contact his or her insurance company. The driver who is not responsible should not contact the insurance company.After calling the insurance company, the owner can call family and friends to discuss the handling of the traffic accident, or report safety.After the damage officer arrives to take pictures, the owner takes the car to a garage for final formalities.Editors comment: often walk in the river, where there are not wet shoes, skilled drivers are likely to crash.After causing a traffic accident, we must deal with it calmly. If someone is injured, we should call 120 at the first time.After the emergency call, we should contact traffic police and insurance companies in turn, orderly handling of the accident.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete

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