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Hello everyone, I am the great Saint!Today the market is starting to pick up and a lot of people are Shouting: Fuck!However, the great Saint believes that the volume is still shrinking, and the downward trend is very obvious, it is not a very good short-term operation opportunities.From the shengshi Chuangfu Dragon tiger monitoring system tracking data, can also see zhao Lao Ge plate mode has also appeared some changes.We’re gonna focus on him today.Zhao Lao Ge (hot money big guy, 8 years ten thousand times, as of last year’s bull market, the amount of capital has reached 2 billion.China Galaxy Securities Beijing Fucheng Road, listed crystal photoelectric, net bought 61.62 million yuan.(crystal optoelectronics) this transaction is zhao Laoge recently only more than 50 million yuan of large, crystal optoelectronics stage today many times rotten board situation, although said that eventually stabilized the daily limit.Big saint thinks, a healthy rise, in dish should not break board, and sheet should quite sufficient just reasonable, appear this kind of circumstance on one hand shows tray amount of capital is not enough, face empty hit dish the hesitation that appeared a little, otherwise, won’t exist a lot of “break”.On the other hand is zhao Elder brother model problem, Zhao elder brother’s most classic play is board on the board, and this ticket in the first trading board admission, this is not that the first stock board is very strong, but that Zhao elder brother this approach to the goal is the short-term profits of game super fall.This point of view, can be verified from yesterday’s east Jie intelligent operation, is also super drop stocks, and then in the second trading limit above the sale, although the amount of capital only 5 million or so, but can explain, Zhao Laoge has appeared in the near future such a model.Therefore, crystal photoelectric high open tomorrow, the best practice is not to add warehouse, but should reduce warehouse.Don’t be “cheated” by The style of zhao Laoge continuous playing board.In addition, Zhao Laoge another business department: China Galaxy Shaoxing securities business department.There are two deals on the list.The net purchase of one Lehman stock was 29.5564 million yuan, and the net purchase of another Italia stock was 12.21,800 million yuan.Lehman shares from the two transactions, Lehman shares is obviously the game of short-term rebound opportunities, the concept of the World Cup, but today after the high left a very long long shadow line, mainly by short-term bears hit the formation.Don’t be too optimistic.Another stock Italy China shares trend is very representative, and the first stock trend is similar, is the first time out of the stock.In a comprehensive view, Zhao Laoge game in the near future, in addition to the early share of Luoniushan, are super stocks, and no consistent “board board” stunts.Why not?Why does the game continue to oversold the opportunity?First of all, if you pay attention to short-term opportunities, must be able to feel the recent market ecology of the ultra-short hit board is very poor, the continuous hit board stocks have been closed, the rest of the only 3 board on the rest of the vegetables.In other words, the whole ecology is not suitable for Zhao Lao Ge to use “board on board”. There is no dragon to slay but the dragon to slay.So switching techniques are understandable.Secondly, because of the super short continuous poor, it is very easy to chase high, hot money leaders become leek is not a minority, so super stocks have a natural “low” attribute.In addition, because it is at a low level for a long time, it is ignored by the market, so it is not much to grab funds during the pull, and the cost of the pull plate can be greatly reduced.Therefore, the choice of stocks is also a helpless choice, but also a reasonable choice.Disclaimer: The information contained herein does not constitute any investment advice and investors should not substitute such information for their independent judgment or make decisions based solely on such information.The author makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information in this article, but does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness and timeliness, nor accepts any responsibility for any loss arising from the use of the information in this article.

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