You want to fit in a bag, but you want to be cool?Then you must have a Boston bag

Click “follow” to interpret fashion hot spots and show trends for you every day, and open a delicate and fashionable new life.European and American Boston bag, also known as box-shaped bag, is a very important feature that no matter the bag is full, empty or half full, the shape of the bag is still firm, giving people a solid and stable feeling. Because of its large capacity and easy to carry, it can be matched with formal suits or casual dresses.Speedy carries a wide range of designs and prints, including vintage prints, along with brown and white checkered bags that hold their value on the second-hand market.Fendi’s simple hot stamping monogram, paired with a double handle and long shoulder strap, can be carried or carried alone.CELINE in recent years the style is novel and western style, CELINE girl style, is also a must for hipster, so their bags are too suitable for concave modelling.MCM’s bag this time incorporates jacquard leather, retro and stylish, and fuchsia leather chain bag, high class and grand.Prada bags are made of imprinted Saffiano leather or nylon, blending classic silhouette with modern functional details. A detachable nylon shoulder strap and a detachable nylon pouch allow the bag to change style for different occasions.More exciting content can be viewed below: fashion killer!Burberry’s colorful candy color new bag comes to copy = explosive style?Louis Vuitton replicas you deserve

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