After the car flameout damage battery action to pay attention to!

Voting general car battery service life of 2 to 3 years, but many owners because of some improper car habits, resulting in battery quickly out of power.Today to count these bad habits and battery maintenance of some matters needing attention.1, forget to turn off the headlights first see where your headlights block, if it is a wide light block, then miserably, he will be on until you find or battery loss.If it is in the headlight block, such as near light, high beam this block, you pull out the key after the lights will automatically turn off, but in the morning before starting to turn off in time.If it’s in AUTO, you don’t have to worry about it. Pull out the key and the light will turn off automatically.2, do not turn off the air conditioning/warm air some owners will not turn off the air conditioning before flaring off, this seemingly non-destructive small action, very destroy battery.Because when the vehicle starts, the air conditioning system will automatically start and start working.At this time, the instantaneous power load of the vehicle is very high, which will damage the vehicle battery for a long time.3, after flameout for a long time to continue to use electricity after flameout includes many kinds of situations, such as after flameout for a long time to use electrical appliances in the car, and forget to turn off the lights and so on.At this time the car generator is not working, the battery in the case of no charge in the “dry consumption” state, the reduction of its electrical capacity is likely to cause the vehicle can not start, and excessive discharge for the battery itself has great damage.4, frequent start for beginners, flameout is a common thing.If the first attempt fails, don’t rush to start again.Continuous starting of the motor will definitely cause excessive discharge of the battery and damage.So the interval between starting again should be more than 5 seconds.5, listen to the audio for a long time some owners obsessed with music, often install high-power audio.Whether in the driving process, or idling, etc., the stereo must not stop.And in the vehicle did not start when listening to high-power audio, will bring a very high load to the battery, battery damage is very severe.6. In order to improve the convenience and comfort of the car, many owners often use this power interface to connect a lot of equipment, such as GPS, dashcam, air purifier, etc.Easy additional electrical equipment itself increases the burden of the battery, and some models of cigarette lighter in flameout state is still in power mode, if you do not remove the external equipment will consume battery power, battery loss.Battery maintenance method: 1, with a wet cloth to the battery external scrub the panel, stigma on the dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause leakage of dirt wipe clean.By scrubbing the battery’s stigma frequently, not only will the white acid etching powder not accumulate on it, but the battery’s service life will be longer than expected.2, every once in a while to open a road can not place the vehicle for a long time, do not meet to cause difficulties in starting.Even if the vehicle is not used, it is necessary to open it every few days to charge the battery and ensure that the battery is always fully charged.But the car often short-distance driving, on and off, will lead to the car battery in a long-term state of undercharging, shorten the service life.Driving at a steady speed for 20-30 minutes on the highway gives your car battery enough time to recharge.3, predict battery replacement precursor if the second day found that the vehicle is difficult to start compared to usual, it may be because of the lack of battery power causes it is difficult to start.Especially in the cold winter, this phenomenon is likely to be mistaken as “winter cold startup difficulty,” but in reality, it can be a sign of battery failure.There is another situation is that the lights will inexplicably dim, which may also be the precursor of battery failure.When the vehicle is in idle or low speed state and cannot fully meet the power demand of the electric equipment on the car, the battery will assist the power generation system to supply power to the electric equipment in the car;But if at this time the battery power is insufficient, unable to provide auxiliary power supply, there will be this “headlights inexplicably dark” situation.

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