Ge Jinjie, deputy head of xiangfen County and director of the public Security Bureau, supervised the inspection of road traffic safety during the Spring Festival

On The first day of the Chinese New Year on February 1st, Ge Jinjie, deputy head of the Xiangfen County government, secretary of the Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau, and director of the xiangfen County government, supervised and inspected the road traffic safety management during the Spring Festival.Ge Jinjie and his delegation examined the traffic police brigade command center and road traffic safety management work put forward the following requirements: one is to improve the political position.The masses of the festival is that we pass, to keep in mind the people’s police for the people’s entrust, do not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission.Second, we will strengthen patrol control.The phenomenon of drunk driving may occur during the festival, so it is necessary to strengthen patrol control and severely investigate and punish serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and drunk driving.Third, humanized law enforcement.In the process of law enforcement, we should be civilized in language and standardized in law enforcement to better serve the people.Fourth, strengthen duty preparation.To continue to adhere to the work post, the courage to take responsibility and dedication, to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, is strictly prohibited from leaving the post.Fifth, do a good job in logistics services.During the festival, we should do a good job in logistics services for the civilian auxiliary police on duty, and create a good working environment for the civilian auxiliary police on duty while carrying out solid road traffic safety management work.Xiangfen County public Security Bureau leadership Zhang Wenping, Li Huolin, Bai Hua-Yang together supervision inspection.Editor in charge: Duan Zhijun

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