How to prevent allergic diseases?

Q: How can allergic diseases be prevented?Answer: 1. In pollen season, pay attention to the protection of mouth, nose and eyes, wear masks and goggles correctly;2, according to the specific conditions of the weather, open the window ventilation, maintain indoor air circulation;3, according to their own allergies, choose timely outdoor activities and do a good job of protection;4. Children diagnosed with pollen allergy can be treated with medication in advance under the guidance of doctors 1-2 weeks before the arrival of the pollen season.3, appropriate aerobic exercise, active exercise, improve immunity ~ fuzhengquxie!Hygiene hypothesis: the household should not be too clean, should not overuse disinfectants;Recuperation of Traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of doctors;4. Prevention and nursing of common allergic diseases caused by inhalation 1) First, allergic diseases can be prevented and controlled!2) Standardized diagnosis, treatment and management can improve the quality of life!Experts: Zhou Gaojun, pediatric expert of Beijing Children’s Hospital and Shunyi District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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