Major issues concerning the people’s livelihood included in the government work report

In this year’s “government work report”, the city will carry out a three-year action for the balanced development of compulsory education and add 33,000 new degrees.Yesterday, jing Hongyang, director of the Municipal Education Commission, said in an interview with reporters that this year, the city will continue to build, renovate and expand a number of compulsory education schools, accelerate the construction of compulsory education degree resources, to ensure the completion of 33,000 degree construction tasks.In 2020, the city launched a three-year action for the Balanced development of Compulsory Education.”On the basis of adding 43,000 compulsory education degrees in 2020 and 59,000 in 2021, the construction of compulsory education resources will continue to be placed in an important position and vigorously promoted this year.”Hong-yang jing said, in order to ensure the target task, city board of education emphasizing grip on project management, through the establishment of working parameter and the monthly report system, further improve project management level of refinement, district one thousand party hundreds mining resources, financing, and actively with the financial department of expansion of primary and middle school compulsory education resources for each project in a timely manner appropriate prize money,To provide municipal financial support for the construction of compulsory education resources in each district.”This year, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the Municipal Education Commission actively promoted the resumption of the project.Four of them are in the completion and acceptance stage, offering 4,000 compulsory education degrees, making a good start to the first quarter.”Jing Hongyang said.In addition, this year, the Municipal Commission of Education will continue to enhance the radiating and driving role of high-quality basic education resources, focusing on promoting the reform and development of the integration of urban and rural compulsory education in the outer city area, and realizing the full coverage of high-quality schools in the area and rural schools that are relatively weak.We will continue to strengthen the supporting and leading role of education plus the Internet, make full use of high-quality course resources, and further promote the sharing of high-quality education resources between urban and rural primary and secondary schools.Further promote the collectivization of school running, continue to innovate the collectivization of school running mode, improve the collectivization of school running management mechanism, promote the scientific, innovative, characteristic and sustainable development of high-quality school running groups, and promote the continuous increase of the total amount of high-quality education resources in the city.”Accelerate the construction of home community institutions coordination, medical care and health care combined old-age service system and health support system.”This year’s Report on the work of the Government has set goals for creating a beautiful sunset.Wu Songlin, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, secretary of the party group and director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, said that the civil affairs department has planned the work of the New Year to turn the blueprint into a beautiful reality.”We will increase the number of beds for the elderly in institutions and communities by 5,000 and family beds by 1,000.”Wu Songlin introduced that at present, the city has 80,000 beds in pension institutions, starting from this year, according to the annual construction progress of not less than 5,000 beds, by 2025, the city’s pension institutions will reach 100,000 beds.Family pension beds mainly rely on pension institutions to extend professional pension services to families. Wu Songlin said, “This year, we will carry out pilot projects in hexi, Hedong, Nankai, Jinghai and Heping districts, with at least 200 family pension beds in each district.”After the city proposed to carry out the pilot work of embedded pension institutions, a number of comprehensive pension service centers have been put into use.”This year, the city will add 100 street comprehensive pension service centers to ensure that each street has at least one comprehensive pension service center.”Wu songlin said.Balanced development between urban and rural areas has always been a principle abided by by civil affairs work.”We will continue to expand the pilot program of assisted meal service for the elderly in rural areas.”Song-lin wu said that last year, the city’s 1.9 million people enjoy the elderly help meal service, this year, expand rural help meal service pilot work, according to the rural elderly people’s eating habits, economic levels and help meal demand, improve the meal service policy, increase the rural elderly people to food supply way and focus on solving the problem of the rural elderly people difficult to “eat”.Chen Xu, party secretary of the central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, laid out the layout of “one hospital and three sites” to build a national regional medical center. “The Report on the work of the Government” proposed that the reconstruction and expansion of the original site of the central obstetrics and gynecology hospital should be completed this year.With the completion of Yingkou Road hospital area and the subsequent completion of binhai Hospital area, the central maternity hospital will form the planning layout of “one hospital and three sites”.On the basis of maintaining the traditional advantages of disciplines, the hospital will further expand the field of medical services, improve the national clinical medical research center for Gynecology and Obstetrics, and build it into a national regional gynecology and obstetrics medical center jointly built by the Commission and the City.”Chen Xu, deputy of the municipal People’s Congress and party secretary of the central Maternity hospital, said.Located in the original site of 146 Yingkou Road, Heping District, the yingkou Road Reconstruction and expansion project of the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital covers a designed floor area of 34050 square meters, with a designed daily outpatient volume of 1000 and 168 planned beds.”At present, the reconstruction project is stepping up its internal engineering construction”, said Chen Xu, new city garden of corporate headquarters is located in the china-singapore eco-city linhai city center of obstetrics and gynecology hospital binhai on campus, will be set common department of gynaecology, gynecological tumors, obstetric and fetal medicine, assisted reproduction, of all the wisdom of obstetrics and gynecology hospital.Chen Xu said, “one hospital three address” central layout will be a new milestone in the way of obstetrics and gynecology hospital, the hospital will be “internationalization of management intelligence, human services, health” for the concept, development, configuration, optimizing the talent technology advantage and medical resources, effectively promote and improve our city maternal and child health care career development.Guo Zhigang, secretary of the Party Committee of the city chest Hospital, highlighted the rescue and emergency treatment to improve the diagnosis and treatment level of difficult heart and lung diseases. “The Government work report” proposed that this year to complete the reconstruction and expansion of the city chest hospital site.We will speed up the construction of the project, and the layout of the departments in the hospital and the hospital area will be mainly difficult and severe diseases in the future, highlighting the specialty characteristics of emergency and serious rescue, improving the diagnosis and treatment level of heart and lung diseases in our city, and further improving the construction of cardiovascular disease prevention and control system in our city.”City CPPCC member, city chest hospital party secretary Guo Zhigang said.”At the end of 2019, the renovation and expansion of the Hospital and its Peace Wing officially began.The project is located in the original site of 70 Xi ‘an Road, Heping District, with a total construction area of 58931.4 square meters, including outpatient and emergency services. The new medical complex has 10 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, with 400 beds planned.Guo Zhigang introduction.In 2018, the city chest Hospital was selected into the national difficult disease diagnosis and treatment ability improvement project reserve bank.”As a project of the National Development and Reform Commission to improve the diagnosis and treatment capacity of difficult diseases, heping District will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of acute and critical diseases after completion, combining with the concentration of residents in the city center and the large number of elderly patients. Advanced diagnosis, inspection and testing facilities and equipment will be centralized, and a high-level medical and scientific research expert team will be equipped.Focus on the disciplines of heart and lung transplantation, minimally invasive hybrid surgery, diagnosis and treatment of critical and difficult diseases, severe rehabilitation, etc., to build a leading domestic and world-class boutique hospital.”Guo zhigang said.The first phase of subway Line 10 will be completed within this year. In 2021, our city insists on putting people first and has handed over a “housing and construction report” with temperature and texture.In 2022, how to further improve the livelihood of the people on the hearts of the people?”This year, we will accelerate the construction of the northern section of Line 4, the first phase of Line 7, 8, 10 and 11, as well as the extension of Line 8 and line 11.The first phase of subway Line 10 will be completed within this year.”City housing urban and rural construction committee party secretary, director Lin Xuefeng said in an interview.Lin Xuefeng introduced that the city will continue to accelerate the construction of urban infrastructure this year.We will give full play to the leading role of fixed asset investment in urban construction, and continue to focus on project planning and project reserve as an important task. We will focus on major projects such as rail transit, airports, key roads and Bridges, as well as projects related to people’s livelihood such as comprehensive regional development facilities, and implement the principle of “one batch completed, one batch started, one batch reserved, and one batch planned”.Strive to maintain the scale of municipal infrastructure planning and reserve projects at 100 billion yuan.We will accelerate the construction of key projects such as rail transit and comprehensive development of the core area of Haihe Liulin “Design City”, further stimulate the investment vitality of social capital, promote the development of surrounding areas with projects, and give full play to the key role of infrastructure investment in strengthening weak points, increasing driving force and expanding potential.In terms of continuous efforts to increase housing security, Lin xufeng said that the city will improve the development of affordable rental housing policy this year, and further promote to solve the housing problems of new citizens and young people in the city.Intensify homes to raise reserves, encourage regional utilization, the whole or the whole level of housing stock transformation (conversion) project to affordable rental housing, especially in tianjin has been built into the price of commercial housing, economy applicable room, demonstration towns also moving house and affordable housing stock for sale commercial housing projects, on the premise of meet the demand of qualified object,They can be converted into low-income rental housing to provide strong support for industrial development and talent introduction and education, and promote high-quality economic and social development.Municipal Health insurance Bureau Party secretary, director Li Guotian improve medical insurance treatment guarantee normal carry out centralized with quantity procurement this year’s “government work report” put forward, to closely knit multi-level social security network, timely adjustment of social insurance treatment level.Li Guotian, party secretary and director of the Municipal Medical insurance Bureau, said in an interview: this year, the city will continue to deepen the reform of the medical security system and promote the high-quality development of medical insurance.Li said that this year, the city will continue to improve the treatment security system, improve the residents’ medical insurance door (emergency) treatment reimbursement, residents’ high-end payment of medical insurance outpatients in first and secondary hospitals, the reimbursement rate will be increased from 50% to 55%.In an orderly manner, reimbursement for outpatient (urgent) treatment in third-level designated medical institutions for residents will be lifted;We will improve the outpatient mutual assistance mechanism of basic medical insurance for employees, implement the medical insurance and assistance system for major diseases, and make solid progress in the pilot program of the long-term care insurance system. We will provide targeted support for COVID-19 prevention and control, and build a strong and well-integrated medical insurance network for people’s livelihood.In deepening the reform of medical service supply side, the normalized institutionalized conduct procurement quantities and high value medical consumables concentration belt, completes the national organization in artificial joints and the sixth batch national drug in (special) insulin selected results in tianjin, to play a “3 + N” coalition of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region pharmaceutical products with the function of purchasing platform, increasing in batches and quantity.The city will continue to improve the medical insurance payment mechanism, implement the new national Medical insurance drug list, deepen the reform of medical insurance payment mode, and improve the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds.We will ensure the security of medical insurance funds.”We will also comprehensively improve the level of public services. For example, we will deepen the direct settlement of medical expenses in places away from home, and include the expenses related to the treatment of five chronic diseases such as hypertension in outpatient clinics into online reimbursement.Expand the application scenarios of electronic medical insurance vouchers, and make it more convenient for people to ‘do it online’ and ‘do it in the palm of their hands’.”Li Guotian introduction.In this year’s Government Work Report, it was proposed to improve the quality of employment and the level of income.Li Tao, director of the Employment Department of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, introduced in an interview that in 2022, The city will concentrate on the “combination” of stabilizing posts, expanding channels, protecting key points, improving skills and strengthening services to ensure that more than 350,000 new urban jobs will be created in the year.”We will do a good job in all aspects of employment, the biggest project of the people’s support.”Li Tao said, first, to stabilize posts.We will continue to pursue employment-oriented economic development and create new areas of employment growth centering on major development strategies.We will ensure the implementation of policies to reduce burdens, stabilize employment, and expand employment, including the 32 Guidelines on stabilizing employment. We will continue to implement policies to reduce unemployment insurance premiums for periods and return unemployment insurance benefits to people who maintain stable employment.Second, vigorously expand channels.We strengthened the role of business startups in creating jobs, trained more than 30,000 people every year, and identified a number of new business incubation bases.The 5th tianjin Trial of “China Innovation Wings” Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition and the 3rd Tianjin Haihe Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held.We will ensure the implementation of one-off subsidies for business start-ups and other policies, and grant over 500 million yuan in guaranteed loans for business start-ups throughout the year.Third, work together to ensure key areas.We launched a plan to recruit one million apprenticeships, developed 26,000 high-quality apprenticeships, and helped graduates with financial difficulties find jobs or start their own businesses.Promulgation of the city’s labor brand construction implementation opinions, promote the city’s rural labor transfer employment.We revised the method for identifying people who have difficulty finding jobs, helped 30,000 people with difficulty finding jobs throughout the year, and ensured that zero families with zero employment were dynamically eliminated.Binhai new area wei-min deng, director of the health committee, secretary of the party committee, to promote “couplet of inshore platform + d” grading diagnosis and treatment “, we always give priority to people’s health and development of strategic position, this year will continue to optimize the medical service system, perfecting the urban community health service network, to make medical resources to better benefit the people.”Deng Weimin, party secretary and director of the Health Commission of Binhai New Area, said that Binhai New Area will strive to add a tertiary hospital this year, promote the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of “Binhai Platform + medical association”, realize the interconnection of examination and test results in the medical association, and guide doctors from the secondary and tertiary hospitals to teach in the community.The number of designated medical institutions for out-patient treatment of patients with serious mental disorders using free basic drugs increased to 25.On strengthening the construction of infrastructure, binhai new area will supplement the infrastructure and public services, startup projects of binhai hospital of Peking University, advancing the dagang hospital phase ii project, and promote the transformation a batch of community health service centers, for building, rebuilding of the residential area, strive to synchronize configuration by the community health service institutions.”We will also make no restrictions on the planning and layout of private hospitals, so as to leave enough space for the development of private hospitals. We will move forward the first aid threshold, and strengthen the publicity of first aid knowledge on the basis of ‘self-rescue + quick rescue + excellent rescue’, so that the public can master more self-rescue knowledge.”Deng Weimin said.In addition, all public medical and health institutions in the region will realize information sharing, providing convenient services for patients such as diagnosis and treatment appointment, mobile payment, medical reminder, result query and information push.(Reporter Zhang Wenjing, Han Wenwen, Xu Yang, Hu Mengwei, Liao Chenxia, Wang Rui) Source: Tianjin Daily

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