The Spring Festival I on-the-job | the year of the tiger of a police for the first time, the policeman walked “dumb luck”!

Tonghai police were busy on Feb 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, when people were still immersed in the festive atmosphere.It is said that “a good beginning is half the success”, and our police in the New Year’s first police went “dog shit luck”!On New Year’s Day, let’s take a look at tonghai Police’s first police in the Year of the Tiger!Police brigade: “Dog excrement luck” “The masses have reported to the police, a middle-aged man sleeping in the central city four attic place, please handle the police.The man was of medium build, thin and slightly dark.”At 13:15, is the central city police office on duty shi Jiachun received the first year of the tiger police instructions.”Must be the old black, must be drunk again” shi Jiachun and the team said at the same time.Shi Jiachun with the team rushed to the scene, as it happens, “old black”.”Old black” big name shi xx, was born in 1982, tonghai County Hexi town, divorced, alcoholic, living alone, Shi Chun knows his situation well, because they have more than once and he contact.”Old black” gathered a lot of onlookers around the crowd.”The man must have drunk too much. He fell on his knees and fell to the ground on his head, then fell to sleep again, talking gibberish that no one could understand.””Said a clerk at a nearby shop.Shi jiachun and his team members will quickly drive up the “old black”, moved to the police car, the moment the police car was filled with a strong smell of alcohol and sour smell.In order to prevent “old Black” vomiting in the car, the team members quickly from the trunk of a protective bag on his chest.’We’ll take him home to his father. He’s going to go wrong if he’s left like this.’Shi Jiachun said to the players.Along the way, “old black” chattering nonsense that others do not understand, but clearly called the teacher pure “tai Gong”.More than 20 minutes later, Shi jiachun and the team came to the “old black” residence.Lao Hei lives in a simple hollow brick house in a narrow lane only about a metre wide, with a bumpy floor and the occasional stray dog excrement.In order to prevent the “old black” fall team carefully helped all the way, fast to the residence, the original is still with the “old black” become anxious, the team had to focus on the “old black” body, until the “old black” to the front of the house.Then a member of the team suddenly smelled a peculiar smell, lifted his feet to see just in the process of escorting the old black accidentally stepped on the alley “dog shit”.”Stepping in dog poop on the first day of the New Year means you’ll have a lucky year!”A member of the team said slightly jokingly.It turns out that there is a saying in Tonghai folk that if you have good luck on the first day of the New Year, you will have good luck in the next year. “Dog shit luck” usually means good luck or bad luck, or you have encountered something that is extremely difficult for others.After shijiazhun through “old black” neighbor to find his father, “old black” to his father, return to the post to continue to police…. Four street police station: to help the old man lost home on Feb. 1, 6, 4 street police station received 110 orders: four street in tonghai county town of seven street community Feng Mou said, her mother Dong Mou (78 – year – old, patients with cerebellar atrophy, his ears deaf, dressed in purple clothes, black pants) in the night, away from home, 5:40 yet, please help to find.After receiving the police situation, the police of the Sijie police Station took the photos of the old man when he went out, looked at the surrounding surveillance video, and issued a missing person notice through the wechat group.Under the efforts of many, the lost old man at 11 o ‘clock in tonghai old passenger station was tonghai County Public Security Bureau patrol brigade on duty police found, police timely contact their families to retrieve them.Lost elderly family members of the police pay thank you!

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