The former secretary of the Danzhai Education Bureau who cheated on his subordinate’s wife was killed in a trial for life, in court appeal

Luo Mou Bo, the former secretary of Guizhou Danzhai Education Bureau, kept an affair with his subordinate Chen mou’s wife in the early morning of July 2, 2021. After Chen mou found out, Luo Mou Bo was killed in the office of Danzhai County Education Bureau in the morning of the same day.The former secretary of guizhou Danzhai Education Bureau was sentenced to life in prison at the first trial.The paper, January 26, 2022 From Chen’s lawyer, Guizhou people’s Lawyer Han Pingyu learned that the case has been sentenced on the morning of 26, Qiandongnan Prefecture intermediate People’s Court believes that Chen intentionally and illegally deprived others of life, resulting in the death of one person, its behavior constitutes the crime of intentional homicide,However, the improper relationship between the victim and the defendant’s wife is an important reason for this case. The victim is obviously at fault and the defendant can be given a lighter punishment.Chen was sentenced to life in prison and deprived of his political rights for life in the first instance, the court said, rejecting a proposal by the Qiandongnan Procuratorate to suspend his sentence.Han Ping Yu said, for the first instance of the verdict, Chen and against the verdict, the court has appealed.The court found that Chen and Xian Li (pseudonym) got married in 2018 and suspected xian Li (pseudonym) of having an affair in the second half of 2020 because she often returned home late.In the early morning of July 2, 2021, Chen returned home and found Xian li still hadn’t come home, so he waited for her downstairs with a folding knife.At 1:00 a.m., Chen saw Xian Li riding Luo’s white Toyota SUV home, then suspected xian Li’s cheating object is Luo Bo.Chen beat Xian Li at home and pressed xian Li to ask her about her relationship with Luo Bo. Under Chen’s pressing, Xian Li admitted that she and Luo Bo were lovers.After Chen beat Xian Li, he called his relatives to his home to help him deal with it. Chen’s relatives sent Xian Li to the hospital and persuaded Chen.In 2017, Xian li’s unit helped two villages in Yangri Township, Danzhai County. Luo was then the party secretary of Yangri Township. Although they knew each other, they had little communication, the paper learned from sources familiar with the matter.At the end of July 2020, luo added Xian’s wechat account to help her meet the inspection, and has been pursuing her ever since.The two became lovers and had sex several times, often in cars, the night before the murder.Sources said that before the development of a lover relationship, Xian Li and Luo Mou bo know each other’s family situation, Luo has a wife and daughter.June 28, 2021, a few days before the incident, Luo Bo to Danzhai County bureau of Education to take office secretary of the Party group.Chen mou in the first trial scene argued that he worked in the county education bureau for many years, many of his relatives and friends are in the education system, the object of his wife’s affair is the bureau’s new party secretary, it hit him very big.The first-instance judgment, at 7 PM on July 2, 2021, XXL after a while relatives go out wearing fatigues, put on his hat, masks to disguise, after carrying two slaughter knife and a folding knife to luo taught danzhai county bureau of wave, found luo haven’t come to the office, then to live in luo village hiding downstairs, revenge,After fearing discovery and re-timing.At 8:30 on the 2nd, Chen turned back to danzhai County Education Bureau, found Luo Bo in the office, then armed with two slaughter knives rushed into the office to stab Luo Bo, Luo Bo was stabbed after running out of the office, fell down on the first and second floor stairwell died.Danzhai County public Security Bureau judicial identification center identification, luo wave department was sharp gas stabbed heart, resulting in acute blood loss.After committing the crime, Chen quickly fled the scene, on the way to escape the crime to wear camouflage clothing, crime knives, shoes and other items discarded, On July 2, 2021 at 13pm, Chen was arrested.The prosecution had recommended a death sentence reprieve the first trial of the first session, the public prosecution public opinion that Chen wearing camouflage, premeditated multiple scavs, with the murder weapon on the victim, resulting in the death of the victim on the spot.From the means of crime, plot, should be characterized as intentional homicide.The public prosecution believes that Chen intentionally killed and caused the death of a person, but there is a better attitude after the confession of leniency.In addition, he had premeditated murder, in office killings brought social panic circumstances, in line with the discretionary heavy punishment.For the victim and Chen’s wife extramarital affair, the prosecution believes that the victim is wrong, but the fault of the extramarital affair does not lead to death.This fault is not an emergency violation that is taking place. In this case, Chen can report to the discipline inspection authorities and seek a legal way to sanction the victim.The prosecution believes that, according to the evidence, the extramarital affair between the victim and the defendant is mutual attraction, not taking advantage of power to occupy the subordinate’s wife, the defendant’s behavior is very extreme understanding.The defendant’s use of violence resulted in the destruction of two families in a matter that could have been resolved through legal channels.According to the prosecution, based on the above circumstances, it is recommended that Chen be sentenced to death, but not immediately executed, with a two-year reprieve and deprived of political rights for life.For the prosecution prosecution charges, Chen mou and its defense indicated no objection in court.Chen argued that he and his wife did not have a son and a half daughter, and Luo sabotaged their marriage and hurt him beyond words.Luo mou bo’s fault is the direct cause of the case.His subjective intention was to teach Luo Mou Bo, stab him in hospital, not to cause Luo Mou bo’s death.He was willing to plead guilty and repent, but pleaded with the court for a lighter sentence.Chen’s lawyer Han Ping Yu said in court defense, the case is due to the civil conflict caused by the intensification of indignation murder, the victim exists a major fault, the intensification of the contradiction exists direct responsibility, which is the direct cause of the case.Han Ping Yu believes that Chen’s subjective malignancy is not deep, personal danger is small, belongs to the plot is lighter, he requested the court to sentence Chen to 3 to 10 years of imprisonment.The court that the victim has obvious fault, a trial of the defendant life in Qiandongnan State in the people’s Court that Chen intentionally and illegally deprived others of life, causing the death of a person, its behavior constitutes the crime of intentional homicide.According to the Provisions of the Criminal Law, the death penalty, life imprisonment or more than 10 years imprisonment shall be imposed.However, the improper relationship between the victim and the defendant’s wife is an important reason for this case. The victim is obviously at fault and the defendant can be given a lighter punishment.If the defendant confesses after being brought to justice, he may be given a lighter punishment.The defense opinion put forward by the defender that the victim has obvious fault is established and accepted by the court.The defender puts forward the defense opinion that the defendant’s act is defensive in nature and belongs to excessive defense.The court held that the premise of excessive defense is justifiable defense. According to the provisions of criminal law, justifiable defense is an act to prevent the “ongoing unlawful infringement”. This case does not belong to this situation, so the defense opinion cannot be established.In addition, the defense counsel proposed that the defendant was captured with the assistance of his relatives, which should be regarded as the defense opinion of surrender has no legal basis, and the court will not accept it.For defenders, put forward the case is due to the folk escalation of indignation, the court held that in this case the victim’s behavior have indeed has violated the ethics, but the defendant XXL one after their rights are violated, not to seek public aid force to take drastic measures, to kill the motivation for social justice, and belong to the individual personal animosity.Chen’s behavior is not only contrary to the law, but also contrary to social order and good customs, should be punished by law.The defense opinion of indignation murder put forward by the defender is not tenable and the court does not accept it.Accordingly, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, the Intermediate People’s Court of Qiandongnan Prefecture sentenced Chen to life imprisonment for intentional homicide and deprivation of political rights for life.Han Ping Yu said, for the court’s first instance of the verdict, Chen said in court that the sentence was too heavy, he refused to accept the verdict, and appeal in court.Source:

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