With the most affordable price to win the appearance level and sound quality coexist TWS headphones, Li Jiaqi with get

Nowadays, music and video have become a way of entertainment in most people’s life. Many people can see wearing real wireless headphones on the road and on the road. There are many new TWS (real wireless) products on the market, but it is difficult to choose a good and inexpensive headset.Recently, WHEN I was wandering around, I accidentally found a homemade earphone of Li Jia Qi Amway — OPPO Enco Air2. I would like to introduce this earphone as well. Let’s take a look at how this earphone works.As the saying goes, level the justice in appearance, appearance level is also very important for headphones hard power, but in live jia-qi li also praised the appearance design of the headphones, the charging box of upper body USES is the jelly translucent warehouse design, at the same time also has a frosted texture, with rounded handle overall modelling, make the headset identification is very high.The OPPO Enco Air2 headset weighs only 3.5g, which is about the weight of a cotton candy. Wearing it for a long time will not make you tired. Interestingly, the translucent jelly bin design allows you to see if the headset is inside without opening the charging case.Of course, the OPPO Enco Air2 still performs very well in terms of sound quality, but there are big differences in tuning and hardware.OPPO Enco Air2 benefits from the composite titanium plated diaphragm, the sound energy released under the 13.4mm moving coil unit is more than double that of the previous generation, and the sound quality is also remarkable, such as the bass shock straight to the heart, the middle and high pitch clear and haunting.For this reason, Li Jiaqi also said in the live broadcast that this headset has a strong live house-like immersion bass atmosphere.Li also praised the stability of the OPPO Enco Air2.It has to be said that the headset adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.2 low-delay dual-transmission, and the full-link delay from the phone to the headset is as low as 94 ms, which is basically comparable to the experience of wired earphones. In li jiaqi’s words, “the connection is not easy to intermittent or delay”.For FPS fans, the OPPO Enco Air2 also has a Rhine-certified low latency, which means you don’t have to worry about the game being out of sync once you start playing.In addition to low delay and dual transmission, battery life is undoubtedly another highlight of OPPO Enco Air2. After all, the headset can listen to music for 4 hours once it is fully charged and lit up, and the power stored in the charging case can also provide multiple charges for the headset, even if it is carried out in the morning.In the evening after work, after school still have enough battery convenient to continue to use, bring up to 24 hours of music battery life, so that users can get the maximum guarantee of use.In general, OPPO Enco Air2 can get Li Jiaqi’s highly recommended, that there are still two brush, as the current live brother, can enter its direct broadcast room yellow car products, basically have a place of excellence.OPPO Enco Air2 is both beautiful and easy to use. It not only has a translucent jelly bin design, but also has a better sound quality, low latency dual transmission, and long battery life.Coupled with the price of less than 200, it is indeed a rare 100 yuan machine wireless headphones, cost-effective is also directly pull full, interested friends do not hurry up!

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