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Actually, these all want to start from haichang Ocean Park announcement.On the evening of February 10, Haichang Ocean Park released a voluntary announcement, saying that the company recently signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Poly Culture and China Silk Group.According to this agreement, the cooperation with Poly Culture and China Silk Group will aggregate the superior resources of the three parties and jointly develop the asset-light type operation business.In fact, Haichang Ocean Park’s determination to light assets is so well known that, after this announcement, we noticed another protagonist in the case – Poly Culture.As is known to all, Poly Group’s business has always been not only in the real estate field under the halo of “Bao Bao Wanjin”, poly Development, Poly Real Estate, and even Poly Property Are its business divisions.Poly has made remarkable achievements in culture, silk, communication, international trade and finance.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake,” a Chinese New Year movie, raked in 3.1 billion yuan at the box office as of 13 PM on February 11. Poly’s name can also be found among the co-producers of the movie.In addition, adapted from Liang Xiaosheng’s “MAO Dun Literature Award” award-winning work of the same name, the TV drama “The World”, is currently on CCTV 1, attention and discussion since its inception, the drama is jointly produced by Poly Film And a number of units.Only since the Spring Festival holiday, although not much exposure, but “traffic” can always be found behind the Poly film, poly culture is quietly attracting money.Poly’s property development business gets a lot of coverage, but its cultural business is limited.Poly Culture, a subsidiary of Poly Group, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014 and is one of its seven listed companies.The above-mentioned “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” and “The World” were all participated by Poly Film Investment Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Poly Culture. Poly Culture has 12 professional subsidiaries including Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., LTD., Beijing Poly International Auction Co., LTD., And Beijing Poly Music Art Development Co., LTD.In the first half of 2021, Poly Culture achieved total assets of 14.41 billion yuan, total revenue of 1.503 billion yuan and gross profit of 483 million yuan, respectively increasing by 4.0%, 156.3% and 302.9% year-on-year.Among them, art operation and auction, performance and theater management, theater investment management three main business revenue respectively 480 million yuan, 812 million yuan, 259 million yuan, compared with the same period last year have varying degrees of increase, specific 86.4%, 152.8%, 701.05%.As for the revenue growth, Poly culture attributed the gradual resumption of business after the epidemic was brought under control.During the period, we successfully held cancelled and postponed spring auctions in Beijing and Hong Kong respectively, and gradually resumed the performance and cinema business.Some research reports have pointed out that Poly Culture auction business is firmly leading the Chinese art auction, with the recovery of macroeconomic activities, Poly Culture under pressure to promote business recovery.The theatre management and cinema investment plate several times the growth, also encouraged poly culture investment confidence.In January this year, Poly Boyi Culture Media (Beijing) Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Poly Film Investment Co., LTD., was listed on the Beijing Equity Exchange for a capital increase.The raised funds will be used for the incubation and production of film and TV series projects.In recent years, Poly culture’s pursuit of “IP” has become more and more frequent.In 2020, Poly Culture, together with Poly Culture and Digital Kingdom space, participated in the 7th Zhongyuan (Hebi) Cultural Industry Fair, set up Taiwan digital art and animation IP exhibition area, and brought a series of cultural and creative products jointly developed with the Palace Museum.Poly Theater has strengthened IP cooperation, created “King of Glory” concert and other high-quality projects, and carried out theater Tours.In December of that year, Poly Culture signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yusheng Culture, “The first share of Variety shows” of THE Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The two sides will carry out all-round exploration on IP development, content integration of “Film and television comprehensive”, “culture +” and possible capital cooperation, and jointly cultivate new profit growth points.Since then, in January of this year, announced Yu sheng culture, based on the CCTV animation group, China youth newspaper containing IP development cooperation agreement signed, the company will carry out IP development, incubation and operations, including around the anime content such as IP, wen gen IP development, incubation, online operations, offline related property operational management and other business.The new business of Yusheng culture will mainly focus on the development, incubation and operation of Chinese comic IP and cultural creative IP.Based on the previous cooperation agreement, it will provide great help for poly Culture’s IP building and acquisition.The future cooperation direction agreed by Haichang Ocean Park and Poly Culture, such as IP building and commercial ticketing, is both needed by both sides and their respective strengths.According to the announcement, the direction of future cooperation among Haichang Ocean Park, Poly Culture and China Silk Group mainly includes: connecting cultural performances with cultural and tourism commercial ticketing, enabling each other with flow engine;Culture and art linkage entertainment scenes, combined with the creation of a new IP ocean theme;Jointly launch cultural and tourism industry investment fund platform to help local create high-quality projects;Focus on high-quality projects, aggregate superior resources, and develop cultural and tourism asset-light operation business.It is worth mentioning that Haichang Ocean Park has its own three original IP, and in the development of exploration and derivatives continue to support.In December 2021, it signed the cooperation agreement of “ULTRAMAN Series” with Shanghai Xinchuanghua Cultural Development Co., LTD.Poly Culture will also expand its IP base through Haichang Ocean Park.Commercial ambition | traditional is being changed, change and integration of commercial development.

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