Quick Wear: The Host of Quick Wear has been attacked again. Lazy Buddha host VS Dark belly black god

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Today, I recommend 3 super good-looking novels to you, this classic one, let you have a good time!Quick wear article: “Quick wear host was attacked again” lazy Buddha host VS Black belly black male god # Refuse book wastage # 1:”I am a bad person of quick wear” author: will write about egg: ChuXiao waking from a huge frozen ice coffin, found himself in a strange s, there is a strong and intelligent system management of all life, all the people around you are dressed in white clothes full of futuristic, through a web of dormancy tank across to a different world, to complete the task of system.Guide into the hole: with the summer sent to the hot tea, Chuxiao blew, sipped, slightly narrowed eyes, the heart of how to complete their first task, until the evening, Chuxiao did not see the shadow of Dingchuan appeared in the house.Night fell, like a thick black ink, swallowed the whole sky, the city was covered with thick ink, only a few stars, twinkling alone in the night sky.When Chu and Xiao had just finished their supper, a dark shadow came in outside the window and knelt down in front of her. “Miss, I have found out the matter you asked me to investigate last time.”Smell speech, chu xiao in the mind a surprise, this is not the dark guard that former advocate private raise?Check the matter?What was the original owner looking for?Think of this, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, chu xiao old god in, with dim yellow candlelight, looking at the kneeling on the ground of the people, lightly said: “say, check what?”Hear chu clear cool tone, dark wei also dare not much hesitate, in the heart organized a few diction, just slowly say: “the death of the big childe……We did have some clues.””Oh?””This is the token of Ding Guo Fu Yingwei, please have a look.”With that, Dark Wei took out a small bronze token from his arms and handed it to Chu Xiao.”Do you mean to say that dingguo government did this?”Chu – hsiao took the token and made it back and forth. After checking it again and again, chu – hsiao confirmed that it was dingchuan ying – wei’s personal token.”We traced the cloth left at the scene of the fight to where it was made, which led us to the owner of the cloth store who sold it, which led us to the list of people who bought the cloth, which led us to the token.”The voice of the dark guard threw powerfully.”You can tell by a piece of cloth that dingguo fu is responsible?Are you ignorant or am I stupid?!”Chu xiao’s face instantly cold down, voice cold.”Miss Hui, this batch of cloth is made of kudzu. In the whole town, only the shadow guards of ding State palace make clothes from kudzu.”Say that finish, dark wei took out that piece of cloth.Chu Xiao took the cloth and rubbed it carefully. “Isn’t there someone else who makes clothes out of it?”Chu – hsiao asked without expression.”Absolutely not, subordinate to life guarantee, under the previous family clother, manufacturing cambric process and trouble, but also and general clothing, only quality of a material is very thick, usually worn by the person of the kung fu, ordinary people not to use this kind of cloth, and thick cambric cloth, dignitaries more will not use this kind of cloth garment, so seldom someone use this kind of talk.”At this point, Umwei paused for a moment and went on: “When I was investigating, my subordinates met the shadow guards of dingguo palace and fought with them. The clothes they were wearing were made of Gebul!Subordinate is willing to offer the head, prove subordinate said, every true!”(click the following link to read the novel) second: “I have an offspring in giants of wearing book,” the author: 珮 surface profile: Joan MuShi group President mu Yan class, c. picturesque, enshrouded, extremely hate women, but on a dark night was a woman flirt, still bound, the woman pushed him call sister, longed for short Yan irony a smile: elder sister, you……Into the pit guidelines: how I envy you, first met, I’ll let Yan class call me sister, coerced, what means are used up, but anyway does not agree, he must call my nickname sorching, also said that I was not his sister, shout what sister, visible Yan class is take you as his sister, I would envy you!I’m afraid I can’t wait for Jin Yan to call my sister!”Cloud soft soft gas of the face of iron green, once again feel laryngeal rolling, there is a taste of rust rushed up, dead hold the edge of the table, fingers are white, this just let oneself did not completely lose reason of stand up!Bitch!!!She did it on purpose! She definitely did it on purpose!She’s just trying to piss herself off!If it is not Mu Jinyan in the side, I do not want to stay in this place, see this bitch!Just then there was a knock on the door, and Zeng came in with two boxes of food and opened them.Cloud rou rou see their food box inside is big fish meat, eyes wide open!The summer came to an end.”Miss Yun, didn’t you grow up with Jin Yan?You don’t even know he doesn’t eat meat!”(Click the following link to read the novel) the third: “Quick wear of the host was attacked again” author: today you day ten thousand introduction: quick wear text: “quick wear of the host was attacked again” languid lazy Buddha department host VS black belly black male god obviously he played a good person set, why is always seen?How to get in: The person on the other end is obviously very excited.Watch from a distance: eldest brother, really?Are we really getting started?Season sheng did not answer, the opposite of the people obviously already know this is to come true.Excited, he took a few breaths before he typed “yes” with trembling fingers.In such a short month, the content of the news section has changed several times.But there is a new content is not down to now, it is still written: ji’s chairman suddenly died, the new heir to succeed in a week as the head of the season.The news content of the people is very exciting, there is a kind of watching people want to immediately learn the feeling.But it did not say who the new heir was. It only said that he was the new heir, but there was no picture of him.But instead of losing his heat, it just got hotter.The new heir has become the myth of M.After all, it’s not easy to be in charge in just a week.Once imprisoned season sheng villa, has now changed a person.Season sheng commanding station in front of a person, his eyes slightly bright, looking at sitting in a wheelchair on the face of death gray, with a filar silk of anger, the mood extremely good smile.”Thank you for helping me manage Ji’s for so long.”Sitting in the wheelchair, the body can not east pond half of ji Ruoan ruthlessly stare at the season sheng, every word squeezed out voice from teeth: “I really regret, did not kill you!”(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?Ancient saying: As the whole city knows, since the Regent got married, the embroider bed in the royal palace changed a lot.The little princess’s birthday party, catch the cold king to have a bite!100 official frighten dizzy: ancestor this close can’t “the first favor marriage” female advocate is forced to take close, all sorts of slovenly dress up ugly, however be president one look at the disease jiao in photograph: he step by step for the army, only for her according to oneself, “you this whole life be destined to be me!”Disease jiao: strong push “love and disease jiao”, male master paranoid, strong possessiveness, only pet female master one!

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