Qujing University for the Elderly: Mother and daughter become “classmates”, elderly “enjoy old age”

At Qujing University for the Aged, stories of a 92-year-old mother and her 64-year-old daughter reading together at school are widely shared.It is a story, in the mouth of the banner of warmth;It is a landscape, in the tireless raise dream sail;It was a poem, weaving rosy clouds in the sunset.They are the epitome of thousands of students, but also the portrayal of the “silver-haired students”.Mother and daughter hand in hand for love and struggle for daughter Chen Chaoying, retired idle, can not play the spirit, always sighing, mother Li Qunfang see in the eyes anxious in the heart.Therefore, she made a special trip to her daughter to tell her the harvest of these years in the elderly college.The daughter had been fond of drawing since she was a child, but her mother always felt indebted to her daughter because there were so many sisters in the family that she could not afford to teach her.Persuaded by her mother, Chen entered The Qujing University for the Elderly in 2015 to learn gongbi painting and guzheng.Since then, the mother and daughter have been studying together, helping each other, enjoying the fun of learning and experiencing the warmth of the collective. In order to realize the dream of learning, doing and enjoying, they have sown, cultivated and harvested tirelessly.In March 1988, li Qunfang, her mother, heard about the opening of Qujing University for the Aged. She invited several friends to attend the university and became the first batch of students in Qujing University for the Aged. She has been attending the university for 34 years.In 1944, li Qunfang was admitted to Yunnan Provincial Likunhua Girls’ Middle School. In 1945, she took part in the “121” student Movement and later devoted herself to the revolution. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, she was assigned to work in the central branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.She has a wide range of hobbies, has learned calligraphy, poetry, vocal music and other more than ten courses, because of age and physical relations, now only insist on vocal music lessons.Since the establishment of Qujing University for the Aged, the number of students has grown from more than 400 to more than 3,000, the number of majors has increased from more than 10 to 53, and the number of teaching classes has increased from more than 20 to 134. As a witness and witness of the development of Qujing University for the aged, Li Qunfang is full of emotion and says:”In 33 years, I have never missed a class. The university is like my home. I have watched it grow little by little.”When Chen was young, her mother, Li Qunfang, was the person she was most attached to, and now her mother has become her role model.Her mother’s thirst for knowledge and passion for life moved and inspired her, making her feel an uplifting breath.Chen chaoying is determined to embrace a colorful old age like her mother.So she learned fine brushwork, concentration and calm spirit, experience the broad and profound Chinese painting;She walked into the guzheng class, in the sound of zheng, taste the fun of life.The students of vocal music class speak of Li Qunfang, all unconsciously thumbs up for her, 91 years old, she lives a regular life, insist on learning, every day to watch CCTV 1 hour, reading 2 hours.She began to learn swimming at the age of 70. After learning to swim every week, she is now hale and hearty and walks like a fly.”I go to school with her every day because I want to take care of her,” said Chen Chaoying, her daughter. “I have to study harder.”Li Qunfang said: “learning is the best retirement, the old university is the place for the elderly to realize their dreams, is the second starting line of my life, I will always stick to the day.”Mother and daughter use their company to write a beautiful family relationship, use their learning to ignite the warm years, and also use their harvest to interpret the dividend of the age of cultural endowment.Correspondents: Zhang Zhiying, Du Xingling

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