Shandong Provincial Fire rescue corps held a cross-regional fire rescue drill in Dezhou city

On the evening of Jan. 30, shandong provincial fire rescue corps held a cross-regional fire rescue drill in Dezhou city, east China’s Shandong Province.The fire and high temperature smoke spread rapidly through the horizontal and vertical space. The burning area was about 300 square meters, and 10 people were trapped.Self-rescue and fire alarm When the unit discovers the fire, it immediately starts the emergency plan for self-rescue and dials 119 to report to the police. The staff of the unit and the miniature fire station will deal with the fire in advance according to the established plan.Dezhou 119 Command Center after receiving the alarm, Dezhou fire rescue detachment assigned a large urban complex fire rescue operation in accordance with the fourth-grade fire.26 operational units, including organization and command, emergency communications, security control, reconnaissance and search and rescue, fire fighting and cooling, water and liquid supply, smoke breaking and disassembly, lifting operations, combat support, and technical support, were handled on site, and the whole detachment headquarters was dispatched.At the same time, the public security, water supply, communications, power supply, medical and other social forces on the scene to coordinate the disposal.Organization command reconnaissance rescue fire fighting safety control for cooling high homework civilian war service guarantee Four, team deployed across regions reinforcements, cooperative engagement team reports after, immediately start the cross-regional reinforcement plan, increase the jinan, liaocheng, binzhou three team, 16 units to cross-regional reinforcements, team full-time command carries out out.During the rehearsal, being in power around the advance disposal, evacuation, fire reconnaissance, attack in search and rescue, security control, rotation, fire smoke, fire for liquid and civilian war service guarantee, cooperative engagement, emergency linkage forces command and synergy, cross-regional reinforcements subjects such as the command and synergy into combat effectiveness tests,Around the risk factors such as lost, poisoning, asphyxiation, injury, flashover, organize firefighters in equipment, technology, tactical application to carry out effective prevention.After the drill, Senior engineer Zhang Yusheng, an expert of the fire fighting and rescue expert group of the Emergency Management Department, commented on the drill.Guided by actual combat, the fire fighting and rescue operation of 4 large urban complex units, including Dezhou, Jinan, Liaocheng and Binzhou detachment, with a total of 56 vehicles and 320 personnel, was mobilized without greeting, randomly pulled and improvised.Through the exercise, the self-defense and self-rescue consciousness of units was enhanced, and the actual firefighting and rescue capabilities of provincial fire rescue teams in large urban complex were enhanced.In the next step, the CORPS will take this as an opportunity to optimize the organization and construction of combat forces, enhance the comprehensive combat capability of emergency rescue, and firmly build the last line of defense for fire prevention and control.Shandong Fire Protection All-media Working Center

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