Suzhou suspended the resumption of classes!The closure of primary and secondary schools spread to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, leaving parents worried

On March 14, after Shanghai announced that all primary and secondary schools would start online education, suzhou and Changzhou in Jiangsu province also closed their classes, and some primary and secondary schools in Zhongshan in Guangdong province, as well as some regions in Shandong and Jilin, the epidemic has affected many provinces.On March 13, Suzhou announced that primary and secondary schools, which were originally scheduled to resume classes on March 14, would postpone the resumption.Previously, affected by the epidemic, suzhou has suspended from February, very not easy to “reset”, according to the published notice, since March 9, grade three and grade classes start, March 14, the graduation classes in grade, childcare facilities reopen on March 17, but now in places such as the surrounding influence, under the influence of for teachers and students health concerns, suzhou immediately decided to suspend classes,Classes are not suspended for senior three and junior three. Closed-loop management is required.A parent said helplessly, after more than a month of efforts, finally waiting for the children can go back to school, but now the trouble, at least half a month later.The city of Changzhou, Jiangsu province, also decided to suspend classes from March 14, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, technical schools to stop offline teaching, schools organized online teaching activities, children to stop kindergarten, off-campus education and training institutions suspended offline training activities.Starting today, primary and secondary schools in many parts of Guangdong have suspended classes and switched to online education.Shenzhen announced that from March 14 to 20, all staff in the city will be required to complete nucleic acid tests, and businesses will be encouraged to work at home. Even the subway has been suspended.Dongguan has suspended offline teaching in primary and secondary schools (except junior and senior three students), kindergartens and other schools from March 14 to 18.Zhongshan has been affected by the epidemic. From today, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, nurseries, childcare institutions and offline training institutions in Shaxi and Dayong towns have been temporarily closed. Schools and training institutions in other towns and streets where close contacts of the case are involved have also been temporarily closed.A number of districts in Tianjin also issued a notice on March 13, including Wuqing, Xiqing and Hebei districts. From March 14, schools at all levels and of all kinds will adjust to online education, kindergartens will be suspended, and off-campus training institutions will not be allowed to conduct offline training.Bayuquan in Yingkou city, Liaoning province has suspended classes since today, and all the 167 schools in Donggang city have suspended classes and started online teaching.All schools in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, were also temporarily suspended. All primary and secondary schools (including kindergartens) and training institutions in Quzhou city and within the two districts were suspended for a week, and all primary and secondary schools switched to online teaching.For the past week, many primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, including in Jilin and Shandong provinces, have suspended classes.In Jilin Province, in addition to the high incidence of the epidemic in Jilin city, Changchun city, siping city.In Shandong province, primary and secondary school students in Weihai and some areas of Zibo have suspended offline classes, in addition to laixi in Qingdao.Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the closed and controlled areas of Puyang city, Henan Province, were temporarily suspended.All in all, tens of millions of primary and secondary schools and their families have been affected by the suspension of classes in Shandong, Jilin, Tianjin, Liaoning, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang provinces over the past week.More schools are expected to close due to health and safety concerns for students and teachers.”God beast” at home, to the full day online classes, for many families to bring new confusion, how to deal with, is indeed a difficult problem.What do you suggest?# media Weekly ## Suzhou primary and secondary schools and kindergartens suspended classes ## Shanghai primary and secondary schools began online teaching on March 12 ## Education headlines ## Epidemic #

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