The referee only looked at my box. They didn’t understand. They couldn’t hear anything

Stefanos Sisippas believes he got a raw deal after losing to Daniil Medvedev in the 2022 Australian Open men’s singles semi-final, as he was blamed almost every day for his father and coach’s “illegal guidance”.He said he was a victim.In the 2022 Australian Open men’s singles semifinals, the second seed of The Russian player Dmitry Medvedev beat the fourth seed of the Greek player Sisipas 3-1, reaching the final of the tournament for the second consecutive year.During the match, however, the Russian went on a tirade to the referee.He fumed that Apostolos, Sisypas’s father and his coach, had been talking incessantly during the game and could have been instructing his son.Medvedev in the game “his father probably said every point!””Medvedev said near the end of the second set, when he was fouled for making an indecent gesture to the crowd.”Brother, are you stupid??(Bro, are you stupid!?).”The Russian added.Later in the game, Sissipas did receive a foul penalty for violating instructions, which the Greek responded to with a smile.In his post-match press conference, Sissipas addressed the controversy, arguing that the referee was out of touch.”They’ve been watching me for a long time.”He said.”I feel I have had a few in the past and the referee is always looking at my box and never looking at the opponent’s box.”I feel like I’ve been a victim of this for a long time.””The refs, I don’t think they’ll ever understand that I can’t hear anything when I’m playing because I’m trying to figure it out and try to read the game and replay it in my mind before every point.””The last thing I want is someone advising me on what I should do.”

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