The road to ultimate fuel saving, “Mach power” does not only emphasize speed.

The road to ultimate fuel efficiency “Mach Power” is not only about speed.In fact, the Mach power 1.5T engine, coupled with the ELECTRIC drive of the HD120, maximizes every potential. In addition to faster powertrain response and faster 100km acceleration, models with Mach Power can reduce fuel consumption by more than 30%.Yu Qiushi, deputy chief technical officer of the New Energy and Power Center of Dongfeng Technology Center, said traditional fuel cars with 1.5T engines can usually run 600 to 700 kilometers on a tank of fuel, while hybrid models with Mach Power can run 800 to 1,000 kilometers unplugged and more than 1,000 kilometers plugged.With the progress of technology, the domestic automobile market has been developing towards the parallel direction of new energy vehicles and energy-saving vehicles, and the national policy is increasingly inclined to new energy and energy-saving vehicles.In order to achieve the goal of carbon peak, carbon neutrality, energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel, Dongfeng has already started the research and development of hybrid power system.Uphold the “mass production generation, research and development generation, pre-research generation” research and development concept, HD120 electric drive assembly born.Compared with the same type of products in the market, the HD120 electric drive assembly is smaller, lower cost, but also has a higher ride.The whole assembly system implements oil-cooled motor, low drag clutch, low viscosity lubricating oil and other measures to reduce the loss during operation, and the comprehensive efficiency of the system is as high as 93%.”In the future, we also plan to use the data cloud to analyze and process vehicle data and product usage data.”Yu qiushi said, “It is easy to accurately predict the road conditions, adjust the driving mode, optimize the fuel consumption and safety of the vehicle during the driving process, further expand the advantages of the product, and empower the future with technology.”Guo Zhenge is HD120 hybrid electric drive assembly patent layout one of the principals.As dongfeng’s first autonomous hybrid electric drive assembly, the importance of THE HD120 is self-evident.In the early stage of product development, Guo Zhenge and his team began to make patent layout planning in conjunction with the INTELLECTUAL property department.”From project pre-research, development to completion, we pay close attention to the whole process of research and development, from product configuration, components, software and hardware control logic, as well as the industrial field of all-round patent layout, to ensure that the product intellectual property protection system is in a relatively complete state.”Guo Zhenge said.

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