Two wins in a row!Zhang Benzhi and gradually into a good situation 3:1 strong promotion, hand in hand the world Table Tennis championships silver impact champion

Beijing time on January 26, Japan’s national table tennis championship is underway.Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata of Japan won their second straight match, beating Oshi Hori and Tomoshi Takemoto 3-1 on aggregate to advance to the third round of mixed doubles.In the first round of mixed doubles, Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata battled to a thrilling 3-2 victory in five sets.In the second round of mixed doubles, Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata were better prepared for the match against Taishi Hori/Tomoshi Takemoto.In the first game, Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata took the lead and led 5-2 at the start.In the middle period, Hori Oshi/Tomoshi Takemoto caught up 7:8.Key points, Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina 10:8 to get the game point, the final 11:9 first win.Second bureau, Horioshi/Tomoshi Takemoto to strengthen the quality of the veneer, hair link, Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina two errors more, Horioshi/Tomoshi Takemoto 8:3 open the score gap.Finally, 10:4 Horioshi/Tomoshi Takemoto got the game point, after Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata recovered one point, Horioshi/Tomoshi Takemoto came back with a score of 11:5, the two sides were tied 1:1.In the third set, the match was again dominated by Zhang benzhi and Hina Hayata, who easily won 11-4 for a 2-1 lead.The fourth, the two sides fell into fierce battle, the score rose alternately, the game into white heat.Finally, the two sides fought to a 10:10 level, Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina two points, 12:10 thriller to lock the game, the aggregate score 3-1 win promotion.In this case, Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina two people successfully harvested two consecutive wins, it can be found that Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina two people have gradually into a good situation, the state is getting better and better.In the third round of the mixed doubles, Chang Ben-chi and Hina Hayata will face rivals Kobayashi Hiroyo/Yokoka Idezawa.In the men’s doubles, Chang Benzhi and partner Masato Morinen will meet Yoshida as a rival.In the mixed doubles at the World Table Tennis Championships, Zhang benzhi and her partner Hina Hayata successfully advanced to the final, losing to Chinese table tennis player Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin.Hayata Hina has left hand advantage, at present Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina is the key training object of Japan Table Tennis Association.In addition, Hayata Hina also partner ITO in women’s doubles, the world Table Tennis Championships silver Medalist Hayata Hina three gold.

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