We will carry out comprehensive screening and control of people coming from or returning to Guilin from risk areas

On the evening of February 6, Guilin held an emergency video scheduling meeting on epidemic prevention and control to study and plan the current epidemic prevention and control work.The meeting stressed that to deeply understand general secretary xi important speech about COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work and the important indicator spirit, firmly implement the work of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the autonomous region party committee, government to deploy, requirements, in accordance with the instruction of the secretary of Mr. Liu with the high political responsibility sense of mission, compaction epidemic prevention and control work.Meeting with clear, comprehensive risk areas (back) to guilin staff work trying to control, various organs at all levels, enterprises and institutions, schools, the street (township), community (CunTun) to conduct a comprehensive, carpet, do “no leakage without missing a home, a person”, strictly carrying out the epidemic prevention and control measures; fine tight,The grid management mechanism should be strictly implemented to ensure that “there are grids in the network, there are people in grids, people in grids and things in grids”.We will strictly control gathering activities and insist on mass prevention and control.Continuous efforts should be made to ensure the city’s normal prevention and control, and ensure the prevention and control testing of those returning to work after the Spring Festival.Prevention and control measures should be tightened at key places such as farmers’ markets, shopping malls and supermarkets, transportation stations, and cultural and entertainment venues.We will continue to improve our containment and response capabilities, race against time and the virus, make all-out efforts to fight the critical battle against the epidemic, resolutely protect the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements, and protect the health and safety of the people.The meeting stressed the need to give full play to the role of medical and health institutions as “sentinel points”, strengthen the “should be inspected” and medical treatment services, and earnestly implement the pre-inspection and triage and first diagnosis responsibility system.The closed-loop management of centralized quarantine sites should be strengthened comprehensively, and measures for closed-loop transport, check-in, health monitoring, protection, medical treatment, removal of quarantine, sanitation, disinfection, garbage disposal and meal delivery management should be refined, so as to build a solid wall for epidemic prevention and control.Deputy Mayor Long Xinghua attended the meeting and spoke.Source: Reporter Zhou Wenjun Correspondent Zhou Yun New Media Operation Department of Guilin Daily

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