Will the loss of The Taiwan Strait endanger the US and Japan?The EXCUSE of meddling in the Taiwan Sea, the PLA can defeat the US-Japan coalition

At present, the most serious problem facing Our country is the Taiwan Strait issue. The Taiwan authorities in this region and western countries headed by the United States and Japan cooperate with each other inside and outside, and constantly carry out provocations to the mainland.The Taiwan authorities took advantage of the tiger to seek “independence by force”, while western countries led by the United States took the opportunity to stop the development of Our country by the Taiwan issue, and in order to find a suitable excuse for their involvement in the Situation across the Taiwan Strait, they said that if the Taiwan Strait was lost, it would have a huge impact on the United States and Japan.Especially for the United States, if the Taiwan Strait is lost, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army will be able to march straight into the Mainland of the United States, causing a huge blow to the United States. Therefore, in order to “defend Taiwan”, the United States and Japan have reached a strategic agreement to form a coalition to jointly “defend Taiwan”.For this reason, the United States and Japan have carried out a large number of deployments around Our country. Because Japan signed a peace treaty after its defeat in World War II, which stipulated that Japan could not have troops and weapons of mass destruction, Japan chose to rely on the United States, and the United States sent troops to protect Japan, while Japan focused on development.Up to now, Japan’s economy has developed rapidly, but its military strength is not so strong, while the United States, due to its long-term militarism, has been unable to expand its military expenditure on a larger scale.Especially to deal with China, he spent his mind to set up the three island chain has been Broken through by China, if you want to encircle China again, then you need a huge expenditure, for “money as fate” congressional grandfather, this is impossible to promise;However, due to the military strength of both sides, Japan has not dared to take practical actions. Japan urgently needs a group of powerful forces to arm itself, and the United States is a good choice.So the u.s.-japan agreement was reached between the two countries, Japan is responsible for the money, the United States is responsible for the output, both sides hit it off, high in the U.S. military spending every year, Japan’s defence budget is once again break a new record, although folk have talk about this, but the Japanese government has said “this is normal in military spending,It is to strengthen Japan’s defense capability and the combat capability of the Self-Defense Forces. “In addition to strengthening joint operations, the two sides have also built military bases on Nansei Zhudao, the nearest of which is only about 200 kilometers away from Taiwan. It can be said that the two sides are fully prepared in case there is any problem with Taiwan.The United States and Japan will be able to provide continuous support to Taiwan through the military bases built in Nansei Zhudao, and the United States will be able to use a large number of its own equipment in Japan without worrying about the problem of insufficient military expenditure.In addition, American also in Guam deployed a large number of advanced weapons, even “in China, the Ohio class nuclear submarines that strategic weapons are deployed to the base, the submarine can carry more than 10 20 ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads and great destruction, can easily destroy a ship even several aircraft carrier.Say so that it is for America’s coalition forces in the region with Japan maritime power is no longer hope, after all, China already has 2 carrier can form carrier strike group, and in the future of China will also have 3, 4 or more carriers, even if their own American of all sent to which the carrier will not strike group,Since other Chinese warships are still on duty, they cannot all come here. China does not have the need for global operations. All Chinese warships are used for offshore operations and can be quickly mobilized for use in case of war.Does this mean that Korea can defeat the Us-Japan allied forces?But this is only optimistic thinking, in the offshore operations, our country does have a little advantage, but this is only a small advantage, not enough to make up the gap between our country and the United States;If say, is certainly no problem in our country, but in the surrounding waters, to occupy the advantage of limited in our country, once the play JiYan all his troops deployed to the area, so the advantage of our country does not exist, and only the long-haul, so both sides can not accept,So there is no possibility of conflict between China and the US and Japan right now. It will take some time to tell.Us think-tank, said the current between China and Japan at least 20 to 30 years is likely to produce conflict, then China’s military power have been double or even several times, to surrounding countries forming rolling on offshore operations, at that time China had the possibility to take action.

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