Zhou Deep peak period no one, opened four Spring Festival Gala stage plus “The Voice of God” partner

There he is! There he is!On the first day of the New Year, the Spring Festival Gala, which appeared on four TV channels, provided a dazzling performance.This is not, with the New Year’s first musical variety into the public’s vision, this is the peak period of Zhoushen, no one can surpass zhoushen.On the first day of the 2022 Lunar calendar, Zhou Shen posted four short articles on his personal platform, which are corresponding to the stage he participated in this year’s Spring Festival Gala. These are some of zhou’s thoughts and feelings.Zhou Shen Dragon TV satellite TV “Open the door”, “Jasmine flower” and “Light spring” to everyone happy New Year!Finally!And old teacher Zhang Wei sang a song!I hope you can do everything you want to do!There is also a THEME song from Cop15, “Spring with Light”!It is also the first time to perform live, we welcome together!The most beautiful!In the spring!On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Dragon TV and Bestv watch the Spring Festival Gala on Dragon TV. Happy New Year!You can always believe that Zhou’s stage and the opening of Teacher Da Zhang Wei made many audiences cry, why not perform a skit? Jiangsu SATELLITE TV’s “Snowflake Falls” and “Displace time” wish everyone a happy New Year!It is my great honor to join teacher Yang Hongji, the art Troupe of Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association, the Philharmonic Choir of Jiangsu Grand Theatre, and The children Zhu Yinuo in the “Misplaced Time and Space” chorus at # Jiangsu SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala.”Snowflake falls” with teacher Chen Lu is sent to all athletes who struggle in the snow and ice! Also to you who see snowflakes all over the sky! Happy New Year!And depth of the week Yang Hongji singing teacher face to face, some sad. Two people to sing out of the heart and pride. We look up at the starry sky, seen by the first week of deep and Yang Hongji teacher put today’s stars sing to forefathers. “you look very delicious” Beijing TV to everyone happy New Year!!!!! Happy New Year!!Do you think what is the Chinese New Year? [sometimes think it is lucky money? Even think that must be together, but found to back and very important is a hometown dish!! # # in the Beijing news gala the way I sing to make you a big table of a big family dinner! No matter where, no matter who, the most happy Chinese New Year is like to eat a meal together!!The taste of home will not be limited! Take good care of yourself! Be healthy! Go in peace! Happy Spring Festival! There are so many stages tonight, Beijing TV won!Although I have listened to the song “Life should Always Face the Light” for many times, every time I was in tears. Without saying a word, when everyone was changing channels in a hurry, another happy thing happened, and there was no variety show to chase after in the New Year.During the interactive stage of the Spring Festival Gala on Zhejiang TV, we learned that Zhou Shen would join the third season of the show as a regular guest.

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