A shares: next week, “off to A good start” scheduled!Will the market open higher or lower?

The LAST trading day of the week, the US stock market still closed red, did not continue to crash the market, better than we thought, this script is a bit unbelievable.No accident, next week is scheduled to open high, after the festival off to a good start.Our stock festival friends, finally return blood, why I do not say profit?Or what about red envelope prices?Understand nature understand, only return blood!Will you drive high and walk low?At the beginning of 2021, it is high to open low to go, to many people left a shadow, so they think it will open high to go low, want to open to leave the market.While I’m not bullish on most of the high stocks in 2022, that doesn’t mean I’m not bullish on post-holiday stocks.After the festival rush high is to leave, but not the first day, this is a personal point of view, I think there is a small rebound after the festival, expected to have 100~200 points of space, then downward to find the bottom, so to leave in time, not express high run!I don’t know this sentence, how to understand, I really don’t know how to use words to express, because everyone’s cognition is different, you are saying the general direction, he said the next trading day, I said to stay away from the high stock, he said you want others to cut meat low……Personal point of view, after the festival can be held to wait for a wave of rebound, whether high stocks, or low stocks, have the need to repair the oversold.Before the festival empty positions of funds, and other incremental funds after admission, timely retreat, at least to the position down, this time point does not guess, expected in the latter half of the appearance.So, the probability is not high open low, but is likely to go high open high, because high open low, those funds will not enter the market.Last year was a year ago, to open high shipments, this year is not the same, is a year ago.So, high open low walk, hit dish again does not conform to the objective law, before the festival leave the field, dig a gold pit for them, welcome them back?There is no bad news here, the market is always in the direction of the least resistance, people’s mind rises, emotions will promote the entry of funds.Hong Kong stocks, is the financial consumption to pull up the index, A shares will be how, do not guess, this position, no matter what goes up, is A blood market, enjoy the line, moment attention to the amount can have nothing.Why do you think there is a low after the rise?Because the main force has funds to enter, but they will not choose to hit the plate after the festival, and before the festival of retail investors to grab chips, but they are on the car, and then hit down, leisurely pick up, personal expectations are so.To sum up: this position, full of uncertainty, can only be said to be the bottom of the index region, most stocks are still halfway up the hill.Rebound can consider reducing positions, if I am the main force, since all hit down, will not choose in two, March to continue to pull up substantially, but in the middle of the year, some things, missed the need to find the rhythm again, this is the trend.In the end, no matter how to sum up, our shareholding friends can still enjoy a period of rebound, is a happy thing, maybe can achieve blood return.Personal is full position before the holiday, but I still insist on a point of view, 2022, a lot of speculation last year’s high stock is to shock down, 2000 index has no reason to hit a new high.A lot of game level general friend, had better learn often empty, do not chase up!Because most people are only fit to play in stocks that are on the rise.Original first is not easy, thank you for your support, special thanks to the friends, thank you…Personal point of view, do not make investment basis, investment has a risk, enter the market need caution!

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