Construction of cabin “I first” “follow me up” party members show their identities

People’s Net Shanghai On April 8, party members take the lead.Shanghai has entered the “most critical and vigorous” stage in its fight against the epidemic. All parties are rushing to support Shanghai and working side by side with its people to overcome difficulties.Party members of the Second Construction Bureau of China Construction Led more than 4600 builders to participate in the renovation of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).In this battle without smoke of gunpowder, the high party flag gives people the greatest encouragement and confidence.Construction site, the builder is installing electric equipment.”We must ensure quality while ensuring speed, which is also responsible for medical staff and patients.”Su Xianxin, site manager of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Makeshift Hospital project of the Second Construction Bureau of China.At the same time, a group of builders converged rapidly towards the same destination.At 8 PM on April 5, less than 10 days after the delivery of the epidemic isolation room in Nanjing, Su Xianxin received an urgent task to help build a makeshift hospital in The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) in Shanghai.It is planned to provide more than 40,000 beds and will be the largest in Shanghai, with eight pavilions built by a number of contractors.Among them, The Second Engineering Bureau of China Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is in charge of rebuilding the No.2 Hall in Zone B of the modular hospital, which covers an area of 50,000 square meters and can provide 6,000 beds.Time is tight, task is heavy, material on site is tight, personnel is short, there are many participating units, temporary teams are mostly from all over the country, how to coordinate operations?This is a severe test in front of Su Xianxin.Su Xianxin immediately began to link the company’s projects around the world, quickly organized and mobilized, coordinated all resources, more and more volunteers began to rush to do nucleic acid, pack up the road.At 10 o ‘clock on the evening of 5th, the team has gathered project managers of more than 20 projects in Ning to hold a mobilization meeting for Shanghai aid.After an hour of intensive mobilization and deployment meeting, Su Xianxin and the participants reached a tacit consensus: “One more step faster, as early as possible!”6 at 1 o ‘clock in the morning, Su Xianxin led the team to battle, dawn, large troops arrived at the scene.The first priority is grooming.This is a new team, how to mobilize the team combat effectiveness is not familiar with the shortest time?Su Xianxin rearranged the division of shift responsibilities with the leaders of each project as the starting point, contacted labor workers of various professions and different types of work point to point, properly carried out personnel allocation management and process organization, and set up 7 groups such as material coordination, logistics support and epidemic prevention and safety.2 days, a car after a car of workers, from the construction of the second bureau of the distribution of the site across the country rushed to come.As of 5 PM on July 7, more than 4,600 workers have been involved in the construction of the makeshift hospital. Currently, the partition board construction, wire laying, switch socket installation and toilet foundation laying of Hall 2 in Zone B have all been completed, and 70% of the container assembly tasks outside the hall have been completed.As we look around, pavilion 2 is already full of cubicles, which is the “speed of construction” in the race against the epidemic.At the construction site, the builder is installing container plates.JiNaiHao Seamlessly to taken into more than just finished songjiang isolation point transformation tasks in the construction of square set build two party secretary of Shanghai area division, general manager of east China company Song Jianbing, almost seamlessly into the “clover” square hospital construction tasks, Song Jianbing and he took all the aid workers are faced with the limit of the test.As the person in charge of project production resource guarantee and coordination of The Second Construction Bureau of China, where is the manpower available?Where can I find equipment?Where can I get the materials?The problems left them searching their address books and racking their brains.Press the pause button of Shanghai is not the high-speed operation of the past, the difficulty of resource allocation increases geometrically, and the builders must go against the resistance to concentrate the energy of Shanghai to the construction site.Countless phone calls, consultations and communications have been completed in fengchitong. A square mortar and a roll of cables have been sent to the site for processing and installation. The prototype of a high-quality makeshift hospital is slowly emerging.By this time, Song jianbing had been away for a week.Working more than 20 hours a day and standing nearly 1.9 meters tall, he would curl up in the car and take naps when he felt really tired to make room for the rest of the team.”It’s all right. Dad will be home soon.”Before leaving home, he promised his son, who had just started primary school.But after a week of long shifts, it was late at night when he found time to talk on the phone, and his son had long since gone to bed.Like thousands of medical workers, grassroots workers and builders who are fighting on the front line at this moment, he has made every effort to fight the epidemic in Shanghai, which is also the original aspiration and mission of all CPC members including him.Do a good job of thousands of builders of the logistics of the “butler” in full swing, the back of the construction in full swing, there are also logistics staff little-known ups and downs.As the leader of logistics support group of The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Makeshift Hospital Project, Wu Rui made overall planning, led his team to decompose tasks and plan in stages, determined the response plan for key problems, divided blocks and assigned responsibilities to people, and tried to make every point of logistics support perfect.”Go” is the first barrier in front of Wu Rui and his team. At the critical moment of the epidemic, available vehicles are limited, and the pass processing process is complicated and time-consuming.Through various efforts, we found a group of drivers who were not afraid of hardships and the epidemic to pick up the construction team and send them to the construction battlefield. The passes of all vehicles and personnel were issued overnight to ensure that the construction team was in place in time under the containment management.Rest is at a premium, with team members unlocking a variety of ways to sleep while leaning over desks and boxes.”Bed on the ground” is a true reflection of the on-site rest area, he led the team to urgently prepare more than 1,000 sleeping bags, in case the construction workers lack bedding can not rest.The rest area, which can accommodate more than 5,000 people, was gradually paved over as construction workers came in one after another.Ensuring that all staff are well fed is no easy task.With the arrival of a large number of construction personnel, the number of diners at the same time reached the peak of more than four thousand, and the business food distribution could not keep up with the speed of dining.Wu Rui adjusted to the situation and gathered all kinds of fast food, directing the distribution of instant noodles, bread, biscuits and other food in the crowd, while communicating with the team leader to explain the situation, and made a prompt decision to choose more suppliers and meal content for meals, through the combination of airplane food and self-heating food, to ensure that the work is orderly and chaotic.”No matter the cost, the epidemic prevention risk in evacuation should be eliminated to the greatest extent” is wu Rui’s order to his team to ensure that all personnel evacuate safely and orderly according to the plan, which is the perfect answer to hand over the reconstruction of makeshift hospital.For accommodation at age 35:”Built earlier, patients can be treated earlier” “approach for the registration, finish will be coronavirus antigen detection can”, 10 o ‘clock on the evening of April 6, national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai) reconstruction square hospital area B 2) on the site of the project is still brightly lit, personnel machinery that shuttle, with black rim of the eye sheng-xin wang hoarse throat,Told the construction personnel to enter the site one after another.Wang Shengxin, 35, has lived in Shanghai for 11 years and is the deputy head of the logistics team of the makeshift hospital assisted by the Second Construction Bureau of China Construction Engineering Group.He entered the project at 2 am on April 6 and has been working for more than 30 hours.”There is no time to rest. The sooner the construction is completed, the sooner patients can be treated,” Wang said. “Workers come from all over the country, and every construction worker must check to ensure the safety of the construction site.”As the deputy leader of the logistics team, wang shengxin is responsible for organizing epidemic prevention and screening, personnel entering and handling vehicle entry permits.After receiving the task of building the makeshift hospital, the Second Construction Bureau of China Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. organized construction forces from various provinces and cities to gather in Shanghai in batches. So far, more than 3,500 people have entered the hospital.”Night is the peak time for people to enter, so I have to stick to my post,” Wang said.The logistics were complicated, and even as an engineering manager, it was a challenge for Wang.The 50,000-square-meter stadium is equivalent to seven standard football pitches and can accommodate more than 6,000 beds.In order to improve the construction speed, Wang Shengxin also actively tried to optimize the site construction organization and cut blocks in batches.For Wang Shengxin, Shencheng has been carved into the depths of memory.After receiving the notice of construction assistance, Wang signed up immediately. “I just graduated and worked in Shanghai. I hope everything will get better soon.We can certainly win the battle against the epidemic by standing united and helping each other.”Construction site, construction personnel are moving bed frame and put in place.Long Yifeng: a 22-year-old man at the construction site rushed to the front line, “Our project received a notice of assistance from the company, there is no hesitation, just do it!”Li Bin, a 22-year-old man from northeast China, is one of the 5000 people who helped the Construction of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) cabin Hospital by the Second Construction Bureau of China Construction Corporation.On the night of April 5, Li Bin was very excited when he received the notice.The project he is involved in is located in Lingang district of Shanghai. With the epidemic getting worse and worse, he is also worried.”When I learned that we would participate in the construction, I was determined to do so. In such a difficult time, IF I can do anything, I must do something!”In 2020, Li Bin, because he just graduated, could not participate in the construction of wuhan “Two Mountains” Hospital with his colleagues. This time, he rushed to the front line!On the bus rushing to the makeshift hospital, he went over and over the preparatory work before construction: carefully prepare for protection, daily disinfection, wear masks, eat more high-calorie food, drink a little less water…”The construction period is short and the task is heavy. We are mainly responsible for the water, electricity and heating in the stadium, wiring boxes, connecting the side of each bed, installing air conditioning and ensuring ventilation…These things are not technically difficult, but to do well requires not only effort but also patience.”Li bin said that at the end of the day, the state is almost continuous, occasionally sit down to eat a meal, relax the body, will feel pain all over.In order to improve efficiency, he often learned from his predecessors who had experienced the construction of makeshift cabins in the past.At 23 o ‘clock in the evening, the construction of makeshift hospitals was still in full swing.As a young builder, a young party member, Li bin knew that he could not relax for a moment to speed up the fight against the epidemic in Shanghai.”Did not catch up with the fire thor mountain construction, this time I must be in” bright eyes, revealing his optimism and perseverance.Chang Zhongyuan, a father of two in 1991, is writing legendary stories for his children.If Beijing Universal Studios is a childhood dream for children, then these three days are a proud experience that a father gave to his children.There were many chivalrous men in Yan Zhao since ancient times. Chang Zhongyuan, who was born in Handan, Hebei province, was full of chivalrous feelings.With the worsening of the epidemic in Shanghai, medical workers from all over the country rushed to help Shanghai, and makeshift hospitals were also under construction. The Second Bureau of China Construction Engineering Group “dispatched thousands of troops” to the renovation work of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) overnight. Chang Zhongyuan was one of the earliest people to lead the project team to the scene.”I was in Beijing when The Huolei Mountain was being built, so I couldn’t rush there. Now IT’s my duty to help Shanghai.”Chang Zhongyuan and his team are mainly responsible for the on-site construction work. As the general contractor of the project, it is necessary to coordinate various subcontracting forces, optimize the on-site resource allocation, and fully ensure the construction progress of the project.He will be civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, installation into parts, flow work reasonable arrangement of the construction sequence, to ensure that the next process in time.Faced with the incomplete construction design drawing, he led the team to go into the site, combing the actual situation, sorting out the construction plan and working process, and unifying the design plan with the actual situation in a timely manner.”Bringing the brothers out requires bringing the brothers back safely.”Chang zhongyuan’s commitment to the project team, he often told the project team to pay attention to personal protection to avoid cross-infection, even if the construction period was tight, he would urge the project team to take nucleic acid testing in time, “this is not only responsible for our team, but also for the many builders involved in the construction of the makeshift hospital.”This responsibility and commitment also affects everyone involved in the project.”Thousands of troops” rushed to help Shanghai and jointly defended the city to win the battle against the epidemic.Share so that more people can see

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