In the cold wind, a deaf woman lying on the side of the road henan Huaibin police help its home

At 10:00 am on February 6, 2022, The Sankongqiao police Station of Huaibin County Public Security Bureau of Henan Province received an instruction from the situation Control Center of the bureau: There was a report from the public. There was someone lying on the ground on the side of the north and South Road at the intersection of Dingying Village, and I did not know whether there were any injuries.Three empty bridge police station received instructions, director Wang Lei immediately led the auxiliary police rushed to the scene.After checking, the woman lying on the side of the road is a deaf mute, the body has no serious harm.Considering that she would be frozen in the biting wind, Director Wang Lei immediately decided to take the deaf and dumb girl back to the institute to rest and find her home address.After some efforts, the police quickly tracked down her address and family members, and then the police escorted her home.After sending home, director Wang Lei told his family to take good care of, to leave home address and family contact information on its body, such as case, convenient others contact, to prevent accidents.

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